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Two Abs and Fibroids No More

On May 1st, 2023, I had five fibroids, ranging in size, removed at Ascension St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL by Dr. Tomeka Roberts.

Surprisingly enough, I remember that Monday very, very well.

My surgery was super early. I made it to the hospital just before 5 am.

The night before, I remember still being extremely alert around 10 pm, as if I didn’t have a huge day ahead.

At that moment, none of that matter, I think I was silently anxious and just didn’t know how to process that anxiety at the time.

Now that I think back to the days leading up to surgery, I was fine UNTIL that Sunday. It was something about that Sunday before surgery that had all the emotions piling in.

Literally ALL AT ONCE, it was almost uncontrollable.

Sunday as I packed, I started to cry.

Sunday as I dropped off my dogs, I started to cry.

Even now, as I reflect on that time, my eyes are beginning to swell and that, is something I cannot explain nor describe.

In regard to surgery, everything went well.

I’ve had zero complications, everything is healing well, my body is slowly but surely bouncing back, and overall, I feel good.

I’m not exactly surely why I got so emotional when initially reflecting on that time, but I am grateful to be on the other side of it and to be WELL.

To spare you all from a long read, I decided to video my experiences pre-surgery and post op with the launch of my YouTube Channel.

I will continue to share my experience as I transition back to my normal routine.

As of today, June 10th, I am moving around well, my appetite is good, I can sleep comfortably, and I go on walks until I am cleared to return to the gym.

I imagine getting back into the gym and relearning my body will be another hill to climb, but I am glad I made this decision.

I understand that the decision may not alleviate me of certain things, but I trust that God will continue to carry me though.

My life is already a miracle and I’m confident that God will blow my mind with this too. I stand with the expectation that my story with fibroids will end here.

I stand with expectancy that God fully heals my body of this unknown thing that plagues women of color.

I had no idea how those fibroids were affecting my quality of life until they were removed.

On the surface, I told myself the bladder frequency wasn’t enough to choose surgery but ultimately, my confidence took a big hit as well.

The fibroids were something I had become accustomed to living with, so it was difficult for me to see that they were causing any underlying problems.

Now that I can look back, I see that the fibroids caused heavy periods, frequency urination, the inability to lose weight, major hormone imbalances, extreme PMS and bloating, and a lack of confidence due to the size of my stomach.

I made jokes more than once about my stomach, but it was something I had begun to struggle with.

I could never wrap my mind around having made significant diet changes + gym consistency yet the scale only went up, never down, and no, it wasn’t muscle.

Since surgery, I am now down 11 lbs. Although, my doctor said the fibroids weighed about 3 lbs., I have in fact lost 11 lbs. over the last 40 days.

And, as you’ve guessed, yes, it is primarily from my abdomen area.

Crazy right?

Nonetheless, I would love for you to follow along as I share more about life post my surgery on my YouTube channel. Just click the hyperlink.

Until Next Time,

If you’re wanting to stay in the know, I can be found on all platforms @iam.keyinspires. Don’t forget to like, share, and comment. I love to hear from you!


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