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Fit February

I am 31 days LATE on my commitment to write one blog per month. For January, I had begun drafting a blog called, “No Spend, No Spend”, but January has quickly come and gone.

I’m not sure how 2023 took off so fast, but here we are, and I can only make do with now and not harp on what I thought would come to pass.

Although, I was a full participant of my own no spend challenge, I totally forgot to invite you to participate too.

So, today, I present to you, FIT February.

I’m sure when you think about the word FIT, physical exercise automatically comes to mind and honestly, first thought, it’s what came to my mind too.

However, the Lord works in mysterious ways and as I contemplated on blog topics for February, Fit February came to mind but this time with a twist.

To put things into perspective, let’s define the word F-I-T.

FIT as an adjective means of suitable quality, standard, or type to meet a required purpose.

FIT as a noun means the particular way in which something, especially a garment or component, fits around or into something.

(I hate when the word is used in the definition but that’s neither here nor there.)

FIT as a verb means to be of the right shape or size for.

The word FIT has versatility to it and therefore so will our FIT February challenge.

The concept of FIT February was honestly inspired by the physical but after further consideration, I’ve decided to expand what FIT February will mean for me and hopefully for you too.

The thought of being fit should not be limited to a physical construct because as we see above, it’s greater than that.

We can be FIT in our finances, we can be FIT in our diet, we can be FIT in our bodies, and we can be FIT in our minds.

FIT represents being suitable to meet a required purpose. What that purpose entails is solely for you to decide.

For some of us, we may have proposed a new year resolution and whether that resolution has been a major success or major failure, now is your new opportunity to get it right.

The interesting thing about FIT February is the chance to make a holistic lifestyle change.

For me, FIT February is going to be about my diet, exercise, spending, and rest.

New year, new me mentalities often fail because the ability to see it through is lacking and the goal set forth is not realistic.

Also, many of us seek instant gratification in results, which will get us nowhere.

However, a lifestyle change, WILL.

Fit February is a change in mindset that will overflow into changing your life.

It takes 21 days to establish a habit, lucky for us, we have an extra 7 to concentrate on getting this thing called life together, TOGETHER.

So, what will Fit February look like for you?

I’ll share my personal position as you gather your ideas. As I mentioned before, my Fit February will focus on my diet, exercise, spending, and rest.


It is limited because I have realized that ZERO eating out and ZERO sugar is NOT realistic for me. Therefore, to succeed in the goal that I’ve set, it MUST be realistic, and I must create a plan. The plan isn’t anything complicated, I meal prep and I buy groceries. That is a key factor in controlling my eating out and sugar intake by way of creating realistic expectations for my diet.


Those activities may include hiking, traditional gym, walking my dogs, or yoga. This goal is also realistic because it aligns with what my current schedule already is. The goal here is just to remain consistent. If you want to join the FIT FEBRUARY activity challenge and own an apple watch, let me know! I’d love to add in you on a little friendly competition.


No excessive spending means no Afterpay, no Klarna, no Paypal pay in four, no Zip, and no Sezzle. If the money cannot be taken out of my account immediately, that means, I do not need to purchase. The concept here is super simple. It’s a mental thing. I only spend what is “considered” available AFTER my bills are paid and ONLY if it is a necessity.


Not get into bed and turn on the tv, but simply go to bed. I wind down around 9 o’clock, I get in bed, turn off the light, play my rain sounds, put the phone down, and down goes Kiara. I will not delay my rest because I decided to catch up on shows or scroll through social media.

Now that you know my priorities for Fit February, it’s time for you to decide what the next 28 days will look like for you. Let me know if you’re in and what your goals are.

TOGETHER, we can!

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires.


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