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The goal of Key Inspires, Writing and Resume Services is to put your mind at ease as it relates to the stressful and tedious process of job hunting. Because we believe that your greatest investment should be in yourself, we are in the business of investing into you and your career! We pride ourselves in being able to help put the appropriate language to the skills you may find it difficult to explain. We want to see you grow while creating a memorable experience that is far beyond the normality of being “just” a resume service. 





We desire to help put language to the skills you may find it difficult to explain and most importantly, we want to see you grow!


Resume Revamp

If you are needing minor updating for your current resume, this package is for you! The overall content in your resume will be reviewed and edited but no format changes will take place.


Executive Career Resume

The Executive Career Resume is ideal for experienced career professionals who hold over 10 years of practical work experience in a specified industry.


Cover Letter

A cover letter serves as an introductory statement to a potential employer about who you are as an employee.


Entry Level Career Resume

The Entry-Level Career Resume Package is ideal for job seekers who hold 3 years or less in relevant work experience.


Federal Resume

The Federal Resume Package is designed for job seeker who desire or those currently employed with the Federal Government.


Interview Prep

Practice builds confidence! Your resume lands the job interview, but how well you interview lands you the job.


Professional Career Resume

The Professional Resume is ideal for individuals who hold 3–10 years of professional experience and perhaps oversee small teams.

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