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Day 27: #BlogLikeCrazy – The Home Stretch

Wowerz, when I set out to challenge myself to #BlogLikeCrazy, I honestly thought I would’ve given up by now and even though I am in “The Home Stretch”, it’s still hard not to.

Here we are, at 5:24 PM, on a Sunday, and all I’d like to do is, NOTHING.

It’s been a very peaceful and chill day, and, in that space, it is easy to sometimes allow your goals to fall by the waste side.

That was almost me today, but we are going to keep the foot on the gas to FINISH STRONG.

You see, #BlogLikeCrazy is much bigger than writing every day in November.

#BlogLikeCrazy was the push I needed to give myself so that I could become reacquainted with my love for writing.

Between my big girl job, Key Inspires, and The Potts Foundation, mentally, at the end of day, I was wiped with not a creative bone left in my body to focus on writing.

It’s been a very difficult place to be in but, as I’ve said many times, this challenge has been very rewarding.

It is through #BlogLikeCrazy that I’ve seen what I can do. It is through #BlogLikeCrazy that I know it’s possible to reprioritize to accomplish a goal.

So, when I think about “The Home Stretch” of #BlogLikeCrazy, I am also reminded that this is not the end.

#BlogLikeCrazy kicks off the start to a new beginning.

Much like the month of December.

Many of us think about January being the time to set new goals, establish new habits, etc. etc. etc., but really, if you start in January, you’re already behind.

The Home Stretch is the most important stretch of all.

Because it is the home stretch that determines your ability to win and end the game WELL.

It is a time where you plan, strategize, and set goals.

So in between the end of #BlogLikeCrazy and the beginning of December, I am already thinking about how to keep my writing on the blog active AND how I will manifest my goals for 2023.

See, I am more than a Blogger and I am more than a Writer.

I am also an Author who has sat on ideas and books and creative writing for far too long.

The Home Stretch, for me, is VERY personal.

I owe it to myself to do more. I owe it to MY LEGACY to do more. I owe it to my family and friends to do more. I owe it to you to do more.

There is so much more on the inside of me and “The Home Stretch” represents that.

I had to change my perspective of the “The Home Stretch” because this is not the end.

Oddly enough, when I initially came up with the title, our conversation was 100% going to entail and cover the END of #BlogLikeCrazy but as I started to write, my entire perspective changed.

It’s why I write each blog the day of because God navigates me to change courses at the drop of a dime.

See, as long as I viewed “The Home Stretch” as the end, it completely dismissed what came next.

And it is important for you to know that the story of #KeyInspires will continue from here.

Much like your story as well, we’re in this together, REMEMBER?

While I’m working to continue my many brainchildren in the form of books, I am committing to writing at least two blogs per month.

As a matter of fact, you may want to be on the lookout for what comes on December 1st.

It is the start of a new month and as I’ve already stated, WE HAVE WORK TO DO.

Waiting until the “NEW YEAR” to get started is not an option.

So, start planning what’s next for your home stretch, NOW. We will walk into 2023 AHEAD, not behind.

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires.


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