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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble is dedicated to us kicking a$$ in December! Why wait until the “new year” to implement “life changes” when we can just start now.

After #BlogLikeCrazy, I’ve built a momentum that I am not ready and cannot afford to let go of.

The ability to complete that challenge was far bigger than the writing alone, but the consistency. I wanted to revitalize my love for writing but more than that, I wanted to create consistency.

For me, consistency makes the world go ‘round.

Consistency is what builds discipline and consistency is what dedication thrives from and consistency is what creates generational wealth.

So, December is MY NEW YEAR.

It is the month that I will use to prepare for ALL that is to come in 2023. It is the month that I will write out my goals, create, plans, and say to no to what does not fit.

For the month of December, I have decided it will be my month of ‘NO’.

Pretty contrary to make that statement since December is the month of giving BUT it’s time to make ME as much of a priority as I make everyone and everything else.

Also, as I prepare to get my diet back on track, NO is really the ONLY WAY.

I will not spend January recovering from the decisions I made in December. Instead, January will propel me into what I’ve already prepared for.

In the spirit of the month of “NO”, I’ve decided to say no to fast food, no to sugar, and no to alcohol.

I will resume my lovely meal prepping and if I eat out, it is limited to NO more than two times per week.

I am a lover of sugar and with the recent growth of my fibroids, I cannot and will not compromise on any excessiveness there.

So, if you have healthy sugar alternatives, please send them my way. The alcohol will be a breeze.

I am not grinch, Christmas is probably my FAVORITE holiday of all. I love to give, and I love to see the faces of those I am giving to.

However, I decided to keep it simple.

You see, a part of this saying NO is learning how to exercise more discipline as it pertains to my spending.

Everyone will still be showered in a gift of some sort, but I will not jump off the deep end as I have in the past.

The biggest success of this major rumble in December will be my bank account and my body.

With better eating, my usual gym dedication, and no excessive spending, I plan to walk into January with my head held high.

What are some things you can implement NOW that will help propel you into this next year?

If you read that and still would like to wait until January, my question to you is WHY? What difference will another 31 days make?

You can end the year STRONG but STARTING to change your life and your habits, NOW.

Also, you’d probably be much more successfully in KEEPING what you’ve started NOW beyond the first quarter of 2023.

So many people make a “New Year Resolution”, just to fall off by March.

I want more for you, and me, so let’s start together, NOW.

December will treat me well, how about you?

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires.


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