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      Kiara Potts is a native of small town, Tallassee, AL and is the Founder of The Potts Foundation and Key Inspires, Writing and Resume Services.  Kiara uses her current platform to inspire others to become confident in their pursuit of a professional career while offering motivational nuggets of encouragement to fuel their personal ambitions. 


She has personally handled hundreds of resumes and continuously follows up with her clients to coach them into gaining interviews, general employment, and careers. With such a zeal for writing, reinventing someone on paper and uplifting the skills of others has become second nature. She has a passion for inspiring and helping those around her, and through that she instills confidence into each and every person she comes into contact with. 


Kiara also enjoys utilizing her love for writing as a way to motive and teach millennials how to deal with the everyday challenges of life. The lifestyle blog created by Kiara, gives her an opportunity to express her love for teaching individuals how to overcome and not remain stagnant when things get tough.


Through the birth of her non-profit organization, she is able to mentor and positively influence the lives of high school and college students pursing a higher education. She has spoken at different professional development seminars, informing teenagers of the importance of college and scholarship readiness, self-worth, financial management, and overall college planning.  


Although the vision for Key Inspires was birthed on accident through the creation of a hashtag on Facebook, this inspirational vision was of no surprise to God. 


I would love to hear from about what you're doing and how I can help. Send me a email or fill out the form below. I will be in touch within 24-48 hours. 

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