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Day 8: #BlogLikeCrazy – Rock the Vote

Welcome to Day 8 of #BlogLikeCrazy.

Today is super-duper special because it is ELECTION DAY. Not just any election day, BUT MID-TERM ELECTIONS take place TO-DAY.

Mid-term elections are often overlooked but quite frankly they are THE MOST IMPORTANT.

You may ask WHY and as always, I’m so glad you did!

Midterm elections determine who you will choose as your state representatives, specifically the House of Representatives and the Senate. In addition to, the governor, the attorney general, judgeships, and other local offices.

The outcome of this mid-term election will have a MAJOR impact on the remaining two years of President Biden’s term and beyond.

This blog is less about whatever political party you choose and MORE about being INTENTIONAL and informed in exercising your RIGHT to VOTE.

Many of us vote strictly democrat or republican, failing to understand, that elections are MUCH bigger than political party alone.

Any election, whether it be mid-term or presidential, should be important to you because it is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to back the candidate who supports your viewpoints AND who will defend your beliefs.

Believe it or not, it may not always be “IN LINE” with your party of choice.

When things go “left” in your state or city of residence, your local officials are the IMMEDIATE boots on the ground.

Therefore, we should all fully exercise our right to determine what candidate best supports what it is that we may believe in.

The word belief can be loosely used here because ultimately it comes down to YOUR personal morals and ethical values.

HEAVY EMPHASIS on YOUR because voting is PERSONAL.

Quite frankly and honestly, I HATE POLITICS!

BUT I understand the importance in voting, in choosing, and in supporting a candidate who best aligns with MY values as a tax paying citizen and small business owner.

Through this blog, I WILL NOT give you advice on who to vote for, but I WILL heavily emphasis that you do your part and VOTE!

Take some time today, to read up on ALL candidates AND amendments that will be on today’s ballot.

Because not ONLY is the candidate portion of the ballot SUPER important but so are the proposed AMENDMENTS.

The amendments are ALWAYS a doozy, and I personally have to read and study them over and over again so that I have a TRUE understanding on what voting “YES” or “NO” may mean.

Again, I’m NOT here to help you decide, ONLY to encourage you to ACT and NOT allow a lack of knowledge to prevent you from heading to the polls.

As an Alabama resident, I can only provide resources for those who live in this “lovely” state but if you are a reader outside of Alabama, please google your sample ballot to grasp a better concept of what you will see on today.

Also, if you are 18 years of age OR OLDER and NOT REGISTERED TO VOTE, PLEASE GET REGISTERED. We will be back here for elections again, sooner than later.

Below, you will find a few article links that will provide more detail on today’s election.


Voting is one of the most important freedoms and rights we have as American citizens and so many fought and loss their lives for us to ALL EQUALLY do so.

Never let those lives loss be in VAIN! PLEASE GO VOTE!!!

Lastly, if you missed Saturday’s Blog, “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”, please READ IT.

I will host a FREE informational session on Life Insurance, with a LICENSED INSURANCE AGENT, via Zoom, TONIGHT at 7:00 pm and I’d love for you to be there. If you’d like to join, “CLICK HERE”.

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires



More on Alabama Amendments, “Click Here”

2022 General Election Sample Ballots (Alabama), “Click Here”

Sample Ballot (Outside of Alabama), “Click Here”

Everything Your Need to Vote, “Click Here”

Alabama Amendment Overview 2022 Midterm Elections, “Click Here”


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