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Day 18: #BlogLikeCrazy – Selfcare for Creatives

We are eighteen days into #BlogLikeCrazy and I must admit, I am very surprised at myself.

Not quite sure how I’ve managed to have the time, attention, and headspace to write for eighteen days straight but here we are.

KICKING TAIL, one blog at a time.

I would be lying, if I said it hasn’t been difficult, because it has.

It is for that very reason I’ve decided to dedicate today, #SelfCareFriday, to my creatives.

As a creative, sometimes, we have endless vision but poor execution.

We can also have endless vision and function as an unofficial jack of all trades, lacking focus.

Last but not least, we have creative runs and lack inspiration for months at a time.

No matter which end of the spectrum you may fall on, the point of this blog will be to help you be more intentional about taking care of your mind so that you can not only focus but EXECUTE the vision, WELL.

Without long gaps in creativity, might I add.

As a creative, we see the world a bit differently. We focus on using our gifts to uplift and to bring joy through our work.

But sometimes, as a creative, we focus too much on the end product and not enough on how producing that product can take a toll on us.

So today, we will discuss a few self-care tips for creatives to help establish better balance and strategy for our lives.

Let’s get into it.

DISCONNECT. Schedule time to disconnect. Take a break from creating, unplug, and rest your mind. Even try meditation. Sitting in silence can be hard but necessary.

SOCIALIZE AND RELAX. Make time to socialize and partake in activities that you enjoy. Always prioritize and foster personal relationships. We spent a lot of time alone, trying to create, don’t forget to kick it with your friends too.

MENTAL HEALTH. Your mental health matters. Take care of your mental health because without doing so, your creativity will suffer. Therapists are important and beneficial for creating and establishing balance in your life.

DECLUTTER YOUR WORKSPACE. You can’t create in chaos, it doesn’t matter how much you try. Declutter, clean-up, reorganize, once you do, it’s a whole new world.

SLEEP. Rest is important. Set boundaries with yourself by implementing breaks and cut off times. You cannot slack on obtaining the adequate amount of sleep for your body. Again, your creativity will suffer.

INSPIRE YOU. Never forget that you need inspiration too. Whether it is a podcast, exploring new places, or going for a walk, find your inspiration. In doing so, you have an immediate solution for days where your juices aren’t following as easily.

WRITE THE VISION. A creative’s mind is always at work. Write down your goals and set realistic timelines for when those goals need to be achieved. You can even create a vision board to help.

Today’s segment of #BlogLikeCrazy is super short, but the message is simple.


There are little #SelfCare items that can be implemented that literally help change and improve your entire creative process.

Use them to your advantage.

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires


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