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In 2016, God placed it on my heart to create a scholarship in memory of grandparents, Johnny and Evelyn Potts. I created all of the necessary paperwork, but never quite launched the vision God gave to me. Instead, I sat on it, procrastinated, and it eventually fell by the waste side. 


A year later, God said no more and on November 15, 2017, I launched the Potts Foundation. 


Although departing from this world at healthy ages, Johnny and Evelyn Potts made many significant impacts in the lives of their children, grandchildren, and local community. Their love for people, acts of generosity and kindness is what led to the conception of The Potts Foundation.  


The goal of the Foundation is to assist deserving high school seniors with college expenses such as books and tuition/fees. 


The Foundation also wishes to aid the recipients by providing encouragement, motivation, and mentorship. With each scholarship awarded, the intent is to form budding relationships and mentorships as the students matriculate through their college years. 


In May of 2018, the Potts Foundation awarded the first of many scholarships to two very deserving high school seniors. 


The Potts Foundation is a budding organization currently accepting donations year-round. 

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