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Your Mental Health Matters

Let’s talk about MENTAL HEALTH. Here lately, I feel like I’ve said this a lot, but I have NO IDEA where this may go.

What I do know is that mental health is something that I am EXTREMELY passionate about and it’s something I ABSOLUTELY believe in.

It’s also a topic we DO NOT COVER enough.

So, by the end of this blog, I pray your thoughts and opinions on counseling, therapy, mental illness and overall, your mental wellbeing is one that is CHALLENGED for the better.

Mental Health is defined as, “a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being”.

If we want to keep it really simple, anything that effects your peace of mind in turn effects your MENTAL HEALTH.

Your peace of mind can be disturbed by occupational situations, family circumstances, financial stress, health diagnosis, school, relationships (romantic and platonic), environmental conditions and grief.

There are a host of life situations that can occur in any of the areas above and as human beings with various backgrounds, WE ALL REACT TO EACH DIFFERENTLY.

Often times, we are silently anxious and worried about things that are within, but MOST times outside, of our locus of control.

Anxiety, worry, and stress are everyday mental health struggles A LOT of individuals suffer from knowingly and unknowingly.

All of the above can cause underlying health issues, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In some instances, the above also cause issues with developing and maintaining relationships as well.

In 2017, I made the conscience decision to begin attending therapy.

Personally, I was able to spot a bit of unhealthy trends in my life that I NEEDED to get to the bottom of.

We all carry around TRAUMA.

TRAUMA that is never properly dealt with begins to MANIFEST in our lives in ways we may or may not recognize.

Which is pretty much what occurred for years in my life, unknowingly.

Although I am now very open with my decision to attend therapy, that has NOT always been the case.

I made the decision to properly sort through my trauma because I wanted to live a better life. However, EVEN in that desire, it wasn’t something I was comfortable discussing.

There was a part of me that felt SHAME.

I was ashamed to admit that I NEEDED help. But as I began my journey, I soon learned there was NOTHING to be ashamed about.

I had trauma, WE ALL DO, and the decision to confront this trauma was a BRAVE one.

I THANK GOD for a mother who supported and encouraged me through this journey. Without her, I’m not sure I would have been able to press through my mess.

But it was also WITH her help I recognized that it was a NECESSARY DECISION.

To share a little of my background, I grew up in a domestic violence household with my step-father, my relationship with my biological father wasn’t exactly the best, and I had EXTREME issues with trusting people and being vulnerable.

Not to mention, I failed at setting boundaries in many areas of my life.

There was ALWAYS a part deep down on the inside of me that felt like if anyone ever really knew my full story, they’d leave.

I also had ABANDONMENT issues. I was a complete mess and for years, I honestly had no idea.

However, one random day when thinking through my dating habits, I recognized that I was a PART of the problem.

I DO NOT SAY that lightly nor in a negative light.

What I mean is that I was very unhealthy, emotionally unavailable, and I made decisions that reflected that.

As I a sit here and partially let you guys into my business, I am so proud of my growth. All of which I contribute to having really great counselors.

You know, there is a well-known Bible verse that states, “Faith WITHOUT Works is DEAD,” and it’s so VERY true.

I wanted to be better, but prayer and church were NOT THE ONLY antidote to my problems.

Therapy was also NEEDED.

In the past and sometimes here and now, I struggle with worry and anxiety.

But through counseling, I’ve learned to identify MY triggers, feel what I feel, and challenge my way of thinking.

Through counseling, I’ve learned how to better process life in ALL aspects. I’ve learned how to NOT sit in depression, worry, and anxiety.

And to be perfectly honest, I am STILL learning. But through this learning process, I’ve been able to CELEBRATE my growth and look AHEAD to my future.

As I encourage those around me to seek the help they need, I am also reminded that SOMETIMES, finding a good therapist takes A LOT of work.

It is a PROCESS, one that you have to be PATIENT with.

As much as an advocate I am for MENTAL HEALTH, I also want you to know that ALL THERAPISTS are NOT GOOD therapists, and it is EXTREMELY important for you to feel SAFE and judgement free.

You may have to shop around as if you’re buying a new car to see if that person is a good fit, but PLEASE do not give up.

If you are comfortable asking for recommendations, please do so.

The WORLD NEEDS YOU to be your BEST SELF! No one has it all together, and that’s okay.

I am still very much a work in progress, but I am so much BETTER than what I was four years ago.

I’ve seen a total of three therapists in that timeframe.

Two whom I absolutely LOVE, and one who just wasn’t the BEST fit for me. I want to encourage you to take your mental seriously.

The lack of setting boundaries, the inability to say no, stress, issues with self-esteem, grief, anxiety, worry, heartbreak, depression, suicidal thoughts, the desire to give up, anger issues, PTSD, and much more, are ALL reasons to SEEK help THROUGH THERAPY.

I know you have amazing friends and family, but truth be told, they are NOT equipped to handle all your stuff.

This country loses so many people to suicide DAILY and it is heartbreaking.

Please take the necessary steps to become a better Y-O-U and please know, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE MY SUPPORT!

Your reasons for seeking therapy are NOT MINE, but we all have things we’re carrying around and having an unbiased counsel to sort through the difficulties of life has proven to be SUPER beneficial for me.

I’ve included a few resources below, please do not hesitate to use them.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255

Suicide Helpline (AL & TN): (800) 691-8426

Disabled Americans Veterans Huntsville:

Point of Contact:

LTC (R) Keith M. Cromartie, US Army

(256) 850-0928 (Office) / (256) 668-8980 (cell)

Huntsville Therapists:

Chari Herron: (256) 203-6360

Monretta Vega: (256) 824-9171

Lindsey Sheckles: (256) 258-7777

Sandra Griffin: (256) 684-2462

Montgomery Therapists:

Gardenia Cove Health, P.C: (334) 954-6010

Montgomery Psychiatrist:

Amanda Williams: (334) 954-6010

If you are not located in any of the areas above, you may also use Psychology Today to locate a therapist near you.


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