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Who Fights for Us?

I originally began writing this blog on June 28 at 12:06 pm.

Although I knew the items I wanted to discuss, I just couldn’t find the words to formulate my thoughts. I have honestly found myself stuck every since this day.

But on today, September 23 at 2:51 pm, I’ve found my voice again.

The circumstances surrounding the murder of Breonna Taylor originally left my thoughts in a whirlwind and unfortunately today is no different.

As an African American Woman, a BLACK WOMAN, I’m beginning to see more and more, by way of society, that MY LIFE MEANS NOTHING in their eyes.

Today, I’ve read a plethora of news headlines stating, “Officer indicted for the murder of Breonna Taylor,” painting a FALSE NARRATIVE as if justice was actually served.

When in actuality, the Attorney General and those in support of him and this decision, blatantly pissed on the grave of a young black INNOCENT woman.

You see, the officer was charged with Wanton Endangerment.

In short, this means, the officer is being charged for potentially harming and endangering NEIGHBORS and others while firing bullets, essentially negligence.

Otherwise known as disregarding the ONLY person who was HARMED and KILLED as a result of the Kentucky Police Department’s actions.

Not only is this charge by the Kentucky judicial system completely absurd, but it is also an insult, a disgrace, and completely disheartening.

After doing a little research, I found an article from the Washington Post which states that nearly 250 women have been fatally shot at the hands of law enforcement since 2015.

The article goes on to say, “the names of these women are often not as well-known as the men, and it also states that, “BLACK WOMEN are fatally shot at higher rates than women of other races,” and therefore leaves me with this question, WHO FIGHTS FOR US?

How can one be okay caring more about the property damage than the life of an ACTUAL human being?

How can one justify the actions of her ex-boyfriend as an excuse to make the “tragedy” surrounding her death, justifiable?

The officers were in plain clothes, and failed to identify themselves, yet here we are once again posing and pretending as if the abuse of “power” and “excessive” force is okay.

If you are reading this and having a difficult time understanding the anger of Black Americans, specifically Black Women, then you my friend are a part of the problem.

Today won’t be the day I choose to address your ignorance, but it is important for you to know, you reside in a place of ignorance.

Nevertheless, Black Woman, even though society continuously fails us, I want you to know YOU MATTER!

Black Woman, you are one of the most admired yet hated and underestimated beings. If no one else tells you, please know I CHERISH YOU!


I CHERISH all that you will birth in spite of how the odds are so often stacked against us.

Black Woman, I want you to know, you are beautiful. No matter the shade, no matter the quirky features, no matter the curves or even lack thereof, YOU my love, ARE BEAUTIFUL!

I’m sorry it took so long for me to verbalize your value.

For quite some time, I didn’t understand why it was so hard for me to verbalize how precious we are, after all, I TOO AM A BLACK WOMAN.

I’ve faced my own fair share of racial injustices and inequalities, having to fight just a little harder to prove I was worthy to be where I am.

But even as I type this, God reminded me of this, “You do not have to prove anything to anybody, you are here because I choose you.”

Black Woman, I pray that serves as a reminder for you today, BE YOU.


You do not have to overwork yourself to prove how AWESOME you are.

Before I say goodbye for now, I want to affirm you with this:

BLACK WOMAN, you are loved!

BLACK WOMAN, you are needed!

BLACK WOMAN, you are valued!

BLACK WOMAN, you are necessary!

BLACK WOMAN, you will be everything God called you to be!

BLACK WOMAN, you are covered!

BLACK WOMAN, the banner over you is God’s love, God’s protection, and God’s grace.

BLACK WOMAN, lift your head!

Although the world has not yet deemed us as a “worthy” being to fight for, please know, I AM FIGHTING FOR YOU!

I will NEVER stop fighting for you! I will NEVER stop overcoming the obstacles setup to oppress us and leave us bound.

Because the “WORLD” will not fight for us, WE MUST FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER!

This is NOT the end!

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