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Unapologetically Unashamed

Unapologetic is defined as not acknowledging or expressing regret; unashamed means to express or act openly without guilt or embarrassment. Those two words coupled together speak unimaginable volumes. The statement screams transparency and guess what, transparency has the power to literally save someone’s life.

After a mental recap of January 28th’s Sunday church services, these words keep resounding in my head. As a church family, we were spiritually full. We witnessed deliverance like never before. We saw firsthand how powerful God can be when people seek His face more than worldly things. On that day, we saw how quickly God could convict the spirits of people to move when they truly desire to be set free and delivered from addictions and coping mechanisms.

At the end of service, there lied an alter full of pills, cigarettes, black and mild’s, lighters, a bottle of Hennessey, needles, condoms, and other items of addiction and tools that people use to cope with the stresses of life.

We are a “moment” capturing generation, and because of this, a picture of the alter later circulated on social media. The very picture that you see here.

Now, you can only imagine the comments that followed this posting. Several people rejoiced, others questioned and judged, and I’m sure there were a silent few who just simply didn’t understand and questioned whether or not the gestures were not real.

No matter the viewpoint, it was a reminder for me personally to never be ashamed or apologize for the way God moves and the drastic measures He takes to save your life! People will judge, others will not understand. However, the acts and moves of God are opportunities to evangelize to His people. Whether that evangelist tool is one of sin to triumph (overcoming) or a life changing lesson or revelation, it is an opportunity for you to use real life experiences to change the lives of those around you, simply, by sharing what God did for you and through you.

There are several stories in the Bible where Jesus performed miracles. As the miracles were shared, people became more and more curious about the man called Jesus. As their curiosity grew, so did the Kingdom.

I have no doubt that the transparency that took place that day, before the Lord, and the hunger for change, saved someone’s life. Burdens were literally left at the alter and because of their obedience, the lives of those connected to them will be saved, in addition to their own.

Such a strong act of faith automatically released them from the opinions and judgement of people. They will go on to tell the world about a man who saved them and set them free and THAT is what it’s all about.

Today, I challenge you to be unapologetically unashamed. God saved you so that you can save His people through the power of your testimony. We are an imperfect people, living in an imperfect world but we serve a perfect God.

You would not be the you that you are today without the lessons of your past, so don't be ashamed, don't be filled with regret. Share what you learned, share how God saved you, and witness the lives of those around you be change.


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