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Taking “Me” Time

The busyness of everyday life can literally drain you when you do not take time to refresh and refuel. There is nothing healthy about constantly being on the go from sun up to sun down, especially when you are not taking the adequate time to allow your body to receive the proper rest. You may find days where you experience random fatigue, followed by the analyzing question of, “why am I tired.” You may not experience fatigue so if you find yourself being easily annoyed, frustrated, or agitated with people, then it is time for you to silence the noise, rest and unplug.

Whether you’re consumed with your career, your business, the everyday needs of your family, your church, sports, or a slight combination of them all, your “me” is extremely essential. The more life demands, the more important it becomes to take a moment to simply do nothing. A lack of free time can even effect your happiness and peace of mind. Therefore, carving out a little time for solitude can make a huge difference.

In order to get the proper “me” time, you must first make yourself a priority. If you are always catering to the needs of others, you will never receive the rest that you need for you. You will continuously pour into other needs, desires, and expectation of people while you silently suffer. It will become extremely exhausting, trust me, I’ve been there. You prioritize everything else in your life, so from this point forward, be sure to add Y-O-U to the list. Be clear on what your needs are, and stand firm to ensure those needs are taken care of.

After you’ve made the decision to make yourself a priority, you must schedule your “me” time within your daily or weekly list of activities. It does not matter whether or not you decide on a daily or weekly dose of solitude, as long as you make it your business to choose a date, time, and place for either. You cannot just make the declaration, you must purposely put action into scheduling time for you and you alone. Whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour, like Nike says, “Just Do It”, know that your mind, body, and soul needs it.

Lastly, pick an activity that is something that you want to do. Your ‘me’ time and solitude is a moment where you get to be completely selfish, so for once, be selfish. Forcing yourself to take downtime can be challenging, but the world will not end because you decided to take an hour or two to yourself. After all, you will feel much better in the end.

During your solitude, you will experience things that you are unable to while catering to the needs of others. The peace and quiet will give you the ability to think clearly and maybe even channel in a new level of creative for other areas of your life. Enjoy the moments of silence, they are therapeutic.

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