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Stand Back & Standby

Let me first start off by saying how much I absolutely despise politics.

I learned long ago, 2008 to be exact, that politics really bring out the UGLY TRUTH in people.

Last night’s debate was quite frankly a train wreck, a joke, and downright embarrassing.

I’ve never watched such foolery on national television IN – MY – LIFE!!!!!!

Despite the “hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck,” described by CNN reporter Jake Tapper on the first 2020 Presidential Debate, there are still several takeaways from what we witnessed.

I won’t even bore you with semantics today, as this isn’t quite that type of topic. What I will do with you, is share the few takeaways I have from last night’s events.

So here we go….

It is Extremely Important for the BLACK vote to be UNITED:

Now, I do understand that neither candidate is ideal, and I absolutely HATE it boils down to only these two. However, we must be smart, voting for anyone outside of the democratic or republican party will not do us any favors. As we witnessed last night, it is extremely dangerous for our people to allow Trump to serve another term as President. Therefore, not voting is also not the answer. I am in no way asking that you excuse Biden or Harris of their past behavior in their careers, what I am asking is that you do not re-elect someone who blatantly views the Black race as a THREAT.

Neither Party has Interest in Protecting the Lives of Black Americans:

Neither Biden nor Trump provided fully sufficient answers when asked what their views were on Criminal Justice Reform and Racial Inequality and Injustice. I do believe Biden at least halfway attempted to answer the question, but due to Trump’s overtalking and disrespectful behavior, he eventually just stopped talking midsentence multiple times. Oh, and let’s not forget about healthcare. Trump is determined to dismantle healthcare in such a way that it will severely damage low-income communities, AKA a lot of people of color. What Trump is planning to dismantle also affects Women’s Right, so PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.

Stand Back and Standby:

I never expected Trump to denounce White Supremacy, however, I also never anticipated watching a LIVE CALL TO ACTION. We are on the brink of a modern-day civil war. As a result of this call to action, white supremacy groups have begun to use this slogan embracing the call. They are WAITING on his green light, and that my friends, is VERY DANGEROUS. Trump has also made it very clear that he has no intentions on peacefully leaving The White House should he not be re-elected. So, my people of color, I advise you to be vigilant and aware ALWAYS!

2020 has already been one hell of a year, as Black Americans, we have experienced trauma, after trauma, after trauma.

We cannot sit on our tails and do NOTHING in November.


There is far too much at stake for communities of color.

No one has suffered the amount of loss our people have. I URGE you to consider what happens if Trump is re-elected and what happens if you do not vote.

I don’t have any fancy words to provide today, just an honest plea that we exercise the right our ancestors fought so very hard for.

Our lives, our rights, and our communities MATTER.

In order for US to show they matter, WE MUST VOTE!

Please use the links below to Register to Vote, Find Your Polling Place, Check Your Voter Registration Status, and learn more about each candidate.

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