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Never. Say. Never.

I have always been pretty convinced that The Man upstairs had a one-of-a-kind sense of humor. My recent travels for work confirmed that all the more. Within the last few months (and years), I declared more than a few “I will never” statements over my life. Two of which included NEVER returning to Kansas and NOT taking another flight any time soon. But needing to enhance my professional career, I found myself booking a FLIGHT to KANSAS. Extremely terrified to fly again due to my last experiences, I began checking the weather 6 days in advanced. Rain was very heavy in the forecast. Immediately, I began praying, asking, and even pleading with God to allow me to fly in clear blue skies, forgetting that my last terrifying flight experience took place in perfect weather conditions. Needless to say, my week consisted of me obsessing over the rainy weather that was scheduled to come.

Sunday, while preparing for my flight, my nervousness and anxiety reached an all-time high. You see, I spent my week praying for the rain to go away but yet here I was STILL getting ready to fly out in the rain and stormy weather. I could not grasp the concept as to why God did not move as I saw fit, after all, He knew how scared I was to fly again.

As I boarded the flight, searching for the window seat I requested, I came to the new discovery that I was seated in the VERY back of the plane with a “window” seat that actually had no window. As a matter of fact, I had no clear view of any windows at all. Stunned again, I just knew God had something up His sleeve. Before taking off, I quickly solicited the prayers of my family and friends. In the mist of knowing that God was up to something, I was still extremely worried about the rain and my unpleasant position on the plane.

Before taking off, I also prayed and ended with “Okay God, you got me.” In that particular moment, peace immediately began resting in my body. The flight from Huntsville to Atlanta was only a little over 30 minutes. But despite my position on the plane and the rain, I never felt the intensity of the storm. I spent my entire week worrying and agonizing over something the Lord had already taken care of. Not only was I blinded to the weather conditions but I was forced into a position that required my complete TRUST to REST in Him. Often times, we pray and ask God to send the rain but once the rain arrives we shift our prayers and make attempts to convince Him to take it back. We fail to exercise our Faith to understand that He has equipped us to weather the storm.

For my final flight of the day, I sat mid-plane with the window seat I had previously requested. The exercising of my Faith and Trust in God was tested but in spite of me, He still came back and blessed me with what I had previously asked for. In the mist of that flight, the pilot announced that “rough air” would be experienced but I serve a God that STILL never allowed me to feel one single thing.

I want to leave you with this verse, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). The time I spent overanalyzing and obsessing over the weather that entire week, was time wasted. I robbed myself of the excitement of a trip free of charge to me. I may have also forfeit a blessing or two because I was so distracted the weather. Let my lesson serve was a powerful lesson to you. Begin exercising your mustard seed Faith today!

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