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Move Forward in Unity

Gosh, where do I even begin?

So much has transpired since I’ve written, “Stand Back & Standby”, “Who Fights for Us?”, “Dear Black Man”, “Being Black in America”, "June 2, 2020", and "Am I Next?". All of the injustices and events that have taken place in the Black community inspired my Black Lives Matters Series.

Whether you noticed or not, all of the aforementioned titles were a part of that series.

With the announcement of Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris and President-Elect, Joe Biden, I find it only fitting to end the Black Lives Matter Series with this blog.


It’s a great slogan I look forward to seeing play out in real time.

The hate, disunity, prejudice, racism, civil unrest, and disrespect that has taken place over the last four years has been unbelievable.

However, what we’ve seen take place has also brought a lot to light. It not only showed that racism is still very much alive in our country, but it also shows we have a long way to go.

Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris opened her victory speech to address the nation with this quote from the late Congressman John Lewis, “Democracy is not a state, it is an act.”

She went on to state that what he meant by this quote was that “America’s democracy was not guaranteed. It is only as strong as our willingness to fight for it.”

Who would’ve thought after all our ancestors went through to fight for equality and democracy, we’d still be fighting to maintain it this day?

The amount of Black Lives that have been taken due to racism, inequality, hate, bigotry, and several other injustices is pretty scary.

However, on November 3, 2020, once again, we as Black Americans decided to show up and persevere despite all that has transpired against us.


President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris both have a very obvious past from decisions they both made earlier in their careers, however, we as Black Americas chose hope and even forgiveness over those decisions.

We choose to believe that they truly want to MOVE FORWARD IN UNITY.

We chose to help be a part of history by voting in for the FIRST WOMAN to hold the position of Vice President.

We choose to believe again.

We choose to believe that these two individuals have what it takes to “unite our country and heal the soul of our nation”, as these are the words spoken by Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

Above all, I also choose to believe God.

With God reigning over all, TOGETHER we will ALL MOVE FORWARD IN UNITY.

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