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27 Keys to Success

This morning, while preparing for work, I glanced at my vision board and immediately the words “27 Keys to Success” stood out. It was an ironic revelation considering the vision board has been posted in the exact same spot for over 7 months but those words never caught my attention in the way they did this morning. Initially, when placing those words on my vision board, I had no idea what the 27 Keys to Success would entail.

I knew it seemed cute because I am 27 years old and Keys to Success just seemed catchy but I think now it is the time to find out what these keys are. I wanted to take a moment to explain which Keys to Success have personally worked for me so, let’s get started!

1. Seek the Kingdom: The Bible makes it plain, if we seek the kingdom of God and His righteous, all things will be given to you as well (Matthew 6:33).

2. Tithing: Do not risk your money being cursed because you have not given (cheerfully) to the kingdom of God.

3. Money Management: If you spend every dime you get, lack a budget, or lack discipline, you should begin studying the principles of money management.

4. The Giving Spirit: Give and it shall be given; it’s just that simple and your giving is not limited to being in monetary form.

5. Remain Teachable: No one likes a know it all. There is always something or someone you can learn from, whether the situation be positive or negative.

6. Self-Motivation: You will not always have people in your corner to push you. Learn how to be your biggest cheerleader and supporter.

7. Be Humble: Having a pure and humble spirit will keep you blessed. Those observing what you do will consistently sow into you because your heart is pure.

8. Know Your Why: You cannot be successful if you lack purpose and passion for what you’re doing.

9. Stay in Your Lane: Refrain from being a jack of all trades and master of none; find your niche and excel in your area.

10. Prioritizing: Everything is not important and balance does not always exist so shift your perspective to focus more on prioritizing in order to accomplish the tasks at hand.

11. Know Your Circle: Surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable to where it is your desire to be.

12. Focus: As humans, we love to multitask, it seems productive in the moment but in actuality, no one thing gets all of your attention. In turn, what you produce is mediocre, its good but not great.

13. Set Goals & Timelines: Write the vision. You cannot be successfully without keeping track of your goals and setting benchmarks to hold you accountable.

14. Failure: Learn to embrace failure; you must crawl before you walk. Every success story I’ve ever heard coincides with this partner called failure.

15. Integrity: Your integrity speaks to your character; your character speaks on your behalf when your voice is absent.

16. Empower Others: Share your story; your testimony will inspire those around you, someone is always watching.

17. Self-Confidence: Believe in yourself. If you do not believe in you, how do you expect others to do so?

18. Time Management: Avoid procrastination, it will rob you of creative and productivity.

19. Overcome Fear: Nothing is birthed in a comfortable place; just check the famous Bible stories for reference.

20. Always Grow: Invest in yourself, enroll into classes, seminars, or other teaching that will enhance your interpersonal characters and skills.

21. Be Consistent: Consistency builds trust, trust builds relationships, in a world of influential people, all of the above matter.

22. Invest: Invest your time, your love, and your energy into things that you enjoy. These intangible gifts will go a long way.

23. Apply What You Learn: Why sit in a class, seminar, etc. if you aren’t going to use the information that was given to you. Your time is valuable.

24. Teach Others: Sow and bear good fruit; don’t become a knowledge hoarder because you’re afraid someone may outdo you.

25. Quick Recovery Time: Again, your time is valuable. You do not have time to sit and sulk when the situation is not favorable or did not turn out in a favorable manner.

26. Journal: This will help keep your emotions in check; never respond to someone out of emotion and never allow your emotions to control you.

27. Health & Wellbeing: You only have one body; take care of it. Exercise and keep a healthy, well balanced diet.

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