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Into the Unknown

It has taken me some time to fully and tactfully digest Wednesday’s events. I experienced a slight frustration, maybe even a little anxiety, and definitely felt a brief moment of anger.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, HELL LITERALLY broke loose.

If “busting hell wide open” were a person or could be pictured, we’d definitely see thousands of Trump Supporters and White Supremacists.

Although I cannot say I am very surprised, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Wednesday, could have been prevented.

For 5 years, Trump has disrespected the American People and everything that America stands for.

Over the last year, and more so over the last 6-9 months, he has slowly but surely begun to incite more hate, bigotry, and superiority than we’ve seen possibly since Adolf Hitler.

I know, pretty STRONG comparison, but staging a coup and inciting a riot because democracy did not turn out in your favor is ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

Not to mention the many who stood on guard to PROTECT our nation’s capital in fact aided in the crimes of destruction and violent temper tantrums.

Those who were indeed brave enough to stand and protect the capital amidst the riot FOUGHT FOR HOURS alone as many of their “brothers” in blue and counterparts FAILED to assist and instead participated.

We know “law and order” was not an equal hand dealt to Black and Brown people but to watch LIVE footage of police officers moving out of the way and opening barricades to allow the destruction of FEDERAL property is again INSANE.

I watched one video where the officer literally invited them in, waving his arms instructing them to “Come On”.

There were NO tanks, NO rubber bullets, NO tear gas, NO heavy tactical gear prepared for a mini war, and NO violent threats to “protesters” as they prepared to storm and destroy a FEDERAL BUILDING.

I am 99.9% certain there were NEVER any plans to do so despite knowing how destructive and violent the crowd would get.

Today, as I’ve watched the recaps and read the headlines, I wonder the thoughts and remarks of other countries across the world.

It amazes me that many warned, including Trump himself, that he would not PEACEFULLY concede.

Yet, as we approach Inauguration Day and as the votes are now officially certified, the actions taking place by Congress are all reactions due to Wednesday’s events.

It also amazes me that there were a handful of Senators who were agreeing to REJECT the certification of votes in order to stand with the very wrong actions of our sitting United States President.

No matter how much he disrespected his OWN politician party, many continued to support his irrational and undemocratic behavior.

It’s also crazy to me that personally no matter how blatantly wrong a person can be, the decision is STILL made to STAND with them.

There was NEVER any legitimate proof of MASS ELECTION FRAUD.

Each case was thrown out of court.

Although Twitter “flagged” the many inaccurate comments of Donald Trump, the baseless conspiracy theories quickly grew with zero evidence.

His actions via Twitter to incite a riot, when things were ALREADY out of CONTROL, is when everyone FINALLY made the decision to do something.

Donald Trump’s twitter account has been an issue for years.

But I do commend the social media platform for FINALLY removing the very large voice to his dictatorship leadership style.

The White House is currently in “Crisis Management” Mode, Articles of Impeachment have been drawn, Trump will NOT be attending the Inauguration, Twitter has permanently suspended his account, and unfortunately, I STILL sit and wonder what will happen next.

After years of ENABLING DANGEROUS BEHAVIOR, we are now ALL dealing with the consequences.

As Trump has officially activated his army of “Stand Back and Standby” allies, this country is not out of the woods yet.

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