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Dear Black Man

Dear Black Man,

CONTRARY to the unpopular opinion of the world right now, you are EXTREMELY valued, needed, and important.

I know, we don’t say it enough. I know you may not hear it often enough, but we love you. We love and appreciate you more than you can possibly imagine.

Black Man, you are intelligent, you are loved, you are needed.

Black Man, you are valued.

Black Man, you are not a threat. Black Man, I’m sorry that the world does not value you the way we do.

I’m sorry about many weak-minded individuals who view you as a threat and often times less than human.

Black Man, I’m sorry that you are being hunted like an endangered species.

But I want to remind you, you are a KING!

I love you, even when the world doesn’t. I respect you, even when the world doesn’t.

I support you, even when the world doesn’t. I believe in you, even when the world doesn’t.

I will forever stand with you, and support you, even when the world doesn’t.

When you hurt, I hurt.

When you win, I win.

When you lose, I lose.

No matter what you may feel, you are NOT in this alone.

You ARE a MAN who is destined to change the world!

Hey, did you hear me?

BLACK MAN, Y-O-U are destined to change the world!

Many fear you because they cannot control you. You know who you are, you know who you are pre-destined to become.

Black Man, the world CANNOT destroy the seeds you were sent here to plant.

The world WILL NOT destroy the legacy you are called to build.

Black Man, I love you! Black Man, WE NEED YOU!


I understand that the odds are often stacked against you. I understand you may not be able to see the light right now, but even in the darkness, please know YOU ARE NEEDED.

Black Man, Black King, you are the seed carrier.

As the seed carrier, you are the biggest curse breaker and world changer of us all. No matter how the odds are stacked against you, you WILL make a difference in this life.

The world fears you will be greater than those who view themselves as superior.

They are intimated by your existence and your presence.

But, just like King David consistently persevered and defeated the odds stacked against him, perseverance is within you too.

Black Man, you are extraordinary, sensational, remarkable, and incomparable.

Black Man, you ARE a KING and you ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, and ESSENTIAL to this world.

You WILL change the WOLRD!


A Black Woman

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