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Day 9: #BlogLikeCrazy – Let’s Get Professional

Do you remember the time, no Michael Jackson, when dial-up internet existed?

The time when we anxiously awaited to USE the internet because once the internet was active, the telephone was NOT.

We were later able to transition into a little high-speed internet where most of our time was devoted to coding our MySpace pages.

Then eventually, we graduated to good ole WI-FI. Which gave us UNLIMITED access to ALL things in the world.

Well, that thing we now love and depend on has RUINED the way we conduct business.

The internet, we now know and love, has made a lot of us LAZY, ENTITLED, and OPINIATED.

It has also completely tainted professionalism, communication, and workplace etiquette.

As we’ve adjusted to the ongoing growth of social media, we have loss a bit of professionalism more and more along the way.

As a Business Owner and Founder of a nonprofit, I cannot tell you the amount of flaws I’ve seen in communication.

From sending emails with no body included in the message to emailing a google doc link for a resume, also with no body included in the message.

It’s just not the ideal climate that we once knew.

I remember sending over my resume for consideration for an internship and including an introduction of who I was and what I was interested in.

Nowadays, that DOES NOT HAPPEN.

I’ve received resumes from students looking to apply for an internship with no content in the email and scholarship candidates who’ve submitted their application without so much as a “Hello, I am Karen and thank you for your consideration”.

There seems to be a major gap that we must bridge before all hope I lost.

It is for that reason, The Potts Foundation, Inc., will host a workshop focusing on Business Professionalism, Workplace Etiquette, and Effective Communication on Thursday, November 10 at 6:00 pm CST.

After what I’ve seen professionally throughout 2022, I felt the conversation was very overdue.

Not just for the younger generation but as a reminder for us ALL because frankly, we’ve all forgotten a thing or two as it pertains to conducting ourselves in a professional manner.

Two weeks ago, I received an email, at work, with LIME GREEN font.

Also, very much NOT appropriate. So, NO ONE is exempt from this conversation.

The zoom tomorrow is FREE to you, all you have to do, is REGISTER. It’s super simple, (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER).

Tomorrow for #BlogLikeCrazy, we will have a quick chat on career tips, interviewing, and maybe resumes.

So be sure to tune into the zoom so that you are equipped with all the tools you need.

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires


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