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Day 6: #BlogLikeCrazy – Sunday’s Are Important

Have you ever begun your Monday stressed?

It may have felt as if you were unprepared and always reacting to what the day brought instead of moving to the beat of your own drum?

Do you rise every morning, RUNNING?

Perhaps, there is no set strategy or plan to conquer the day. It’s as if you spend your day spinning your wheels and always behind, NEVER AHEAD.

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, it can be a very overwhelming and uneasy space to operate from.

It is for those reasons, I began utilizing Sunday’s to set the tone for my week.

In doing so, I noticed how quickly my mentality towards Mondays shifted. I NO longer felt stressed, overwhelmed, or unprepared.

Even if unexpected things occurred, I never operated from a place of “feeling behind”.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always inconsistently used a planner. I would do exceptionally well one week and perhaps fall off the next.

The inconsistencies prevented me from seeing the value added of fully utilizing the tool I purchased to make my life easier.

During the pandemic, I pretty much lost all sense of structure and routine, as I struggled to develop a new system that worked for me, I began using my planner more and dedicated Sundays to prep for the week ahead.

Before I knew it, my friend and I began to meet every Sunday at different coffee shops in the area.

During that time, we sat with our planners, phones + calendars, and wrote out what was ahead for the week.

From appointments to meetings to gym time to social activities to trips, everything was accounted for, as best as it could be, (because ultimately sometimes things to do pop up).

We would also use the beginning of each month, typically the last Sunday of the current month, to discuss and write out monthly goals to accomplish over the next 30-31 days.

In doing so, we held ourselves accountable to NEVER move through life aimlessly.

We strive for improvement over perfection in all areas, NOT just planning and preparation.

The bible says, “to write the vision and make it plain,” so each month and each week, we intentionally write the vision.

After our 1 to 2-hour planning sessions conclude, I usually go home and complete my weekly meal prep, wash and fold clothes, and carry out any additional tasks that would aid in creating a smooth transition for the Monday to come.

Each weekly planning and preparation Sunday may look a little different, however, the main thing is ALWAYS the main thing and no matter the time, I always strive to get it done.

Have you ever slowed down to consider how much easier your week will be if you set aside a time to FOCUS on the week ahead?

If not, please give it a shot, I promise it makes a huge difference in how your week may transpire.

When my Sunday planning and preparation sessions are complete, no matter what extra activities may pop up, I am ALREADYAHEAD’!

My week is not derailed, which is really the most important thing for me.

Ask yourself this one thing, what can I do on Sunday to help make my Monday-Friday a bit easier? Not just for me but for my family (if you’re married).

More importantly, how can I better prepare for what’s to come in life?

I don’t know about you, but I, personally, DO NOT want to spend my life feeling as if things are merely passing me by.

The ONLY way to ensure that does not happen is through, PREPARATION!

Life should not just not happen “TO YOU”, so do not spend your days wishing you had done things differently because you failed to be prepared.

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires


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