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Day 4: #BlogLikeCrazy – What About You, What About Me, What About Us?

Welcome to Day 4 of #BlogLikeCrazy, I wasn’t 100% sure I’d make it here, but I must say I feel super proud to say that I have.

I had several reasons to not accomplish today’s blog, I mean, it’s been a busy day, however, I am very determined to do my best in seeing this through.

As I pondered on what to discuss, I was reminded that today is #SelfCareFriday.

If you’re new here, I previously wrote a blog entitled, “Why Self Care”, which quickly detailed my discovery of and love for self-care.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read it, stop what you’re doing and click the hyperlink above, NOW. It lays a great foundation for where we’re going for today’s topic.

I don’t know about you, but 2022 has flown right before my eyes, and taken me more and more on the ride of a nonstop, gentle but aggressive, world wind.

A few weeks ago, I noticed how I had begun to neglect MY SELF-CARE. It can be easy to do when you’re hyper focused on everything that “NEEDS” to be done.

I mean, I am a single, thirty-two-year-old woman, with two dogs, two businesses, and a full-time job. I have been very blessed to carry all that I do, and it is literally by the grace of God that I am able to do so.

However, when life gets chaotic and out of balance, it’s also quite easy to forget that I (you) need love too.

Hints the title, “What About You, What About Me, What About Us?” The next line of the hit song by Total is “What We Gone Do?”

Which is ironically my question to you, “WHAT-WE-GONE-DO?”

It is extremely difficult to put our best foot forward when we are exhausted and stressed just by way of being engulfed in the day to day duties of life.

If there is no rest and recharge period, how can we ever present our best selves the next day?

Not to mention the mental toll it takes when we never “stop and smell the roses”.

Our body is exhausted, our mind is exhausted, and motivation is pretty much nonexistent.

We lose the “get up and go” drive we once had because of exhaustion.

Our day-to-day activities become more of a burden than a blessing because we lack the discipline to take care of self-FIRST.

Let me be the first to tell you, burnout and mental exhaustion is very real.

We cannot give so much to everything and everyone else that we forget and neglect to REFILL our empty cup.

Which is done so by rest, relaxation, AND self-care.

If you’ve found yourself always tired, lacking motivation, working nonstop, having difficulty focusing, or creating, there is a high chance that you need to take a break from some, if not all, of the things pulling you in varies directions.

What that break looks like will vary from person to person, but nonetheless, a break, a refreshing, a recharge, is needed.

Whether it’s taking a mental health day from work, taking yourself on a day trip or getting a massage, catching up on your favorite shows, or simply sitting in silence.

Pick one day a week or take a few hours every week, to focus on you and ONLY YOU.

Place your phone on ‘do not disturb’ and take a nap if that is what’s needed to reset your ‘center’ after a mentally exhausting or chaotic day.

No matter what your ‘unplug’ period may look like, the important part is that, YOU DO NOT forget to MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY TOO.

For day five, we will discuss “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”, to pull this message fully together so be sure to ‘TUNE-IN”.

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires.


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