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Day 25: #BlogLikeCrazy – Oops, Black Friday

Black Friday, Black Friday, Black Friday. The day often reeks of bad decisions and irresponsible spending.

“It’s on sale” has to be the most commonly used phrase when making purchases during the infamous day after thanksgiving.

Many shop for convenience while others not so much.

I’m not sure where you may land on this totem pole of spending but my challenge to you today will be responsibility.

Personally, I am challenging myself to do zero Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) shopping.

I am trying to be more mindful of my frivolous spending and in doing so, I realized there is absolutely nothing I NEED to have.

My Christmas gift list, this year, will be short and controlled.

I enjoy giving and I love the holiday season BUT I know what’s next for my future and it cannot happen if I am overspending.

I have no desire to spend the month of January recovering from any unnecessary purchases and over the top gifts.

I have flights to book and debt to pay and therefore, my priorities required a bit of readjusting.

I am also on the journey of creating passive income and while I prepare for that, my budget needs a firm tending to.

Which is why my challenge to you today will be responsibility.

No one loves money talk or discussions of being responsible with your spending and that is exactly why the conversation must be had.

I realize I am plenty of days late for some of you but even if you are not mindful today, it is my hope that you will be in the future.

As you prepare for the holiday season, also prepare a BUDGET that fits and supports your financial interests.

Instead of saying “it’s on sale”, ask yourself will the purchase offset your financial goals.

Then, ask yourself if the purchase is a WANT or a NEED (and in budget).

I understand the gift of giving all too well, but holiday purchases should not place you in any type of financial bind.

If it does, it is time to CUT BACK.

Impulse purchasing should always be a no, no.

Christmas comes at the exact same time, every year. We have 11 whole months to prepare before it gets here.

Use that time wisely.

I have a few easy tips to keep in mind this holiday season. They are so simple and self-explanation that a long explanation isn’t even required.

So, jot these down in your memory forever.

(1) PLAN AHEAD: Create your budget, create your Christmas gift list (including the number of gifts that will be purchased for each person), and stick to it.

(2) COMPARISON SHOP: Shop around and compare prices, make a list if that helps keep things organized.

(3) SHOP ONLINE: Make life easier and avoid the long lines, traffic, and chaos by shopping online.

(4) EAT AHEAD OF TIME: If in person shopping is an absolute necessity, eat before you go.

(5) SKIP ITEMS YOU DON’T NEED: Say no to drugs, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it!

As I mentioned earlier, I realized I am a day late and dollar short for many of you. BUT this blog isn’t just for today, it is relevant EVERY time spending money and shopping is possibility.

Choose those gifts wisely.

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires.


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