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Day 21: #BlogLikeCrazy – Truth Is

We are TWENTY-ONE days into #BlogLikeCrazy which means, we are very close to the end of this daily (public) writing challenge.

Honestly, when I decided to participate in the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge, I did NOT believe I would achieve a blog EVERYDAY.

I remember telling a friend of mine, “if I can just get back into the groove of writing, I’d be satisfied with that. I don’t think I can post a blog everyday.”

But here we are, twenty-one days later, and I’ve somehow exceeded my own expectations, which is the most rewarding part of it all.

Realistically speaking, I placed myself in a box.

Not intentionally but, in my mind, I set a “realistic” goal of what I thought I could accomplish.

I overmanaged my own expectations, unintentionally, to not set the bar “too high”.

There may have been a slight fear of failure in my subconscious that spoke louder than my hearts desires.

But I knew in my heart, I desperately wanted to begin writing consistently again, it’s been a goal of mine, honestly, ALL of 2022.

Prior to this challenge, I felt like I lacked the motivation but really, I lacked a community of likeminded individuals who would motivate me, inspire me, and challenge me to challenge myself.

In reflecting over what I’ve been able to accomplishment in twenty-one days, I realized how much we limit ourselves daily.

We allow the fear to speak louder than our faith.

We place ourselves in a box and we set limits.

I’ve discussed this before, but in wanting to create new habits, new routines, and new goals, we MUST surround ourselves with likeminded people.

I have no doubt that each one of my friends would do a phenomenal job holding me accountable in my writing BUT it can be very difficult for a person to do so if the common interest is lacking.

I say that because, my therapist has asked me about my writing goals religiously. But I just couldn’t find my groove until I joined my writers’ group.

My friends have also asked when I may finish certain writing projects that they were aware of. But I just couldn’t find my groove until I joined my writers’ group.

For this situation, I NEVER lacked accountability.

What I lacked was community.

Had I not joined my writers group, I can guarantee you that I’d still be somewhere spinning the block trying to figure out how to make this writing thing work.

But, because I joined a community of likeminded people, I’ve been able to find motivation that doesn’t just dwindle down when the high emotional moment is over.

Have you ever stopped to consider how much your life can change when you surround yourself with those who are trying to accomplish the same thing you are?

It’s refreshing to network in that way. It’s inspiring to see that the many things you desire are possible.

With access to so much through social media and the internet, there’s honestly NO reason why you cannot find your community of people.

Information is limitless now a days and all you have to do is NETWORK.

Facebook has a plethora of groups that you can join. TikTok and Instagram are easy access resources for you to find inspiration and maybe even community.

2022 is full of over sharers who can point you in the direction of anything that you need.

So, why aren’t you using them?

Instead of using the internet to troll, to gossip, or to fill empty space in your day, USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

“Money Moves” don’t happen for those who lack the ability to seek the proper resources and opportunities.

All we have to do is try. The tools are right in front of us.

My challenge to you today is to consider what are you not being truthful with yourself about as it pertains to your goals and desires?

You have goals, you have desires, but have you truly tried to make it happen?

For me, up until a month ago, my answer was NO.

I said over and over and over again that I wanted to be more consistent in my writing, but I did very little to make sure that happened.

I wrote down timeframes in which I could write but I never followed through.

It’s been something special to connect with those who are in a place I desire to be.

So, as you work to answer the question above, also work to find a community of those who are achieving and desire to achieve similar areas of interest.

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires.


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