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Day 2: #BlogLikeCrazy – The Art of Consistency

Yesterday, I kicked off #BlogLikeCrazy to reestablish my love and passion for writing.

As we take this journey together, I decided it would be appropriate for us to discuss consistency for Day 2.

At the end of #Day1, I challenged you to identify an area where you needed to rediscover your consistency or to identify an area of personal growth or development to work on for the month.

When I ended with, “together we can do this,” that was not a false statement to reel you in.

I really believe that if we hold each other accountable, even as a distant and virtual community, we can accomplish so much this month.

No matter which path of consistency you decided on for the month of November, your ability to remain consistent will play a huge part in your success in this challenge AND for your future.

So, let’s start with the basics, what is consistency?

To be consistent means to mark harmony, regularity, or steady continuity.

When you’ve established the art of consistency, you can better focus, increase your productivity, and even remain motivated.

But before we tackle the benefits of consistency, we must first figure out HOW to FIGHT the bug of inconsistency.

We will take a slow walk into establishing consistency by first identifying our goal. My goal for November is to write one blog per day. What is your goal for the month?

Next, establish your WHY.

When you can look back on WHY you made the decision to grow in a particular area, it helps keep your motivation high.

My WHY is simple, I’ve grown to understand that just as writing is healing for me, it is also healing and often motivating for my readers as well.

MY WHY is that it’s bigger than me and any temporary emotions that may arise.

The next key is simple but also unrated and that is accountability.

Accountability is a huge factor in our consistency, but it can also be very intimating for a lot of people.

Truth is, no matter how much we may THINK we have it all figured out, we all need a trusted comrade that will aid in ensuring we set out to accomplish all that we’ve hoped and dreamed of.

Someone who we can trust will help us see it through. For me, with this goal, it’s all of you (inserts smile here) and my writing group.

Next, we must remember that the journey of consistency is not a sprint but a marathon.

In doing so, we can focus on incremental improvement also known as milestones.

For example, today is day TWO and I am already doing much better than I thought I would.

Why? Because here I am conquering consistency simply by taking things one day at a time.

Pace and patience are extremely important in this process.

Next, we must toss on our boxing gloves to fight past any defeating emotions that may cause us to remain stagnant.

That emotion may be fear, it may be defeat, maybe you’re even tired, but the goal is to take a deep breath, remember your why, and then keep going.

Sometimes, a quick 60-second meditation, a short walk, or 30-minute nap can bring about the very calmness and refresh you need to jumpstart into your task.

Lastly, forgive and embrace your failures.

When you present yourself with a new challenge, it is so important to remember that every day will not be perfect.

Ultimately, you must remember to give yourself grace. A single fall off the bike, does not determine success or failure.

However, your ability to keep going and persevere WILL be the key determinate in it all.

As we continue to embark on this journey, I have faith that together, we can accomplish much!

Until tomorrow, #KeyInspires.


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