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Day 17: #BlogLikeCrazy – What About Your Friends

A friend, as a noun, can be defined as a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.

It can also be defined as a person who is not an enemy or who is on the same side.

Personally, when I think about the word friend, I think about an individual whom I’ve selected to be my confident, my support, and overall, a person I can do life with.

We share commonalities and it is a relationship with mutual benefits and advantages.

Friends are usually a person or group of people you can depend on.

They are also people who keep you honest and sometimes even keep you humble.

Friends are accountability and have your back through thick and thin.

A true friend is never afraid to correct you when wrong and commend you when right.

A friend is person whom you trust.

Every person that I call friend is all the above to me and more but in lieu of recent news, I’ve learned some use the word friend too lightly.

Honestly, I’m not sure what direction this blog will end in, but I am extremely disheartened that we must have this conversation.

Not once now, nor ever, have I questioned my friend’s ability, male or female, to KEEP ME SAFE.


Not once now, nor ever, have my friend’s knowingly put me in harm’s way.


Not once now, nor ever, have I gotten into a physical alternation with a friend.


Not once now, nor ever, has a FRIEND EVER held so much anger, hate, and malice in their hearts that they’d intentionally try to phyically harm me.


At any moment, if me and a ‘friend’ felt the need to part ways, it was 1000% what was best for us at the time.

Even if the relationship was reconciled, later, no bodily harm and no violent argument EVER took place.

You can also bet your last two dollars that my friend’s would NEVER sit, laugh, record, and encourage me to participate in ANYTHING against my OWN WILL.

What happened to Shanquella Robinson at the hands of individuals she perceived as friends tells us how crucial and careful, WE MUST BE.

I am not one for conspiracies or outlandish allegations however, for a person to die within 24 hours of leaving the country at the hands of those in which she was traveling with…

That tells a story within itself.

It is infuriating to watch a video of someone being beaten with no signs or desire to fight back.

It is infuriating for such an activity to be recorded.

It is infuriating for someone to encourage her to fight back and NOT STOP what was happening.

It is infuriating that someone she perceived to be a BEST FRIEND stood by and DID NOTHING.

Then, to call her mother, leave her body, AND LIE, INFURIATING.

I’m not sure how the video of the fight, well beating, was leaked, but I am glad that it surfaced.

With an autopsy report that notes “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” I am heartbroken at what Shanquella’s final moments involved.

To injury someone in that way, IS NO ACCIDENT.

I can only pray her family receives JUSTICE. NO ONE deserves to suffer, in that way, especially at the hands of whom they perceived as friends.


As more information comes to light about this situation, I pray that you CHECK YOUR CIRCLE.

If there is any doubt or question in your mind that your “friends” will NOT protect you when a situation calls for them to, LET THEM GO.

If there is any doubt or question that those closest to you would intentionally cause you HARM, LET THEM GO.

If you’ve ever questioned your safety while being out with said “friend”, LET THEM GO.

If your “friend” finds it funny to threaten you or demean you, LET THEM GO.

If you’ve ever had to question your well beings with “friends”, LET THEM GO.

In the presence of your FRIENDS, your REAL FRIENDS, you should ALWAYS feel safe, protected, and secure.


Your safety should NEVER be in question when you are surrounded by people who truly love you.


I could go on and on because this can be a sensitive and underrated topic, but I won't.

I will ask that you are careful and intentional when using the word, FRIEND.

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires


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