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Day 13: #BlogLikeCrazy – Don’t Let the Money Make You

If you’ve ever seen the movie Player’s Club, “Make the Money, Don’t Let It Make You” should be a very familiar line.

Diamond said something semi-profound that we truly neglect to take heed to.

Often, we throw ourselves into work, never slowing down to enjoy life. We do whatever it takes to make ends meet and sometimes in turn, compromise our quality of life.

During my weekly planning, I originally wrote down the title “Don’t Let That Job Rob You” for today’s segment of #BlogLikeCrazy.

But “Don’t Let the Money Make You” seemed like a more meaningful attention grabber.

Ultimately, both titles communicate the same intent.

Which is focused on your quality of life.

I understand working hard to make your dreams come true or to take care of your family or yourself.

I understand that as Adults, we have bills to pay and responsibilities to tend to.

I understand that sometimes, we only make enough to make ends meet.

I must acknowledge an understanding of all those things before we proceed so that it is understood that I am not blind nor naïve in that way.

However, in knowing all of that and in living all of that, I also understand the importance in living a quality life.

Living a life where things happen FOR ME, not to me.

I’ve lived a life where things happen to me often. A life where everything and everybody else came before Kiara.

But the good ole pandemic helped me to see life differently.

I started putting me first.

I started letting my hair down more.

I started having #MoreLife because I changed my quality of life.

Pre-pandemic Kiara was extremely burned out. I was so busy doing so much for so many people that I neglected what I needed and sometimes what I wanted.

I poured and poured and poured from a severely empty cup.

I poured from a cup where the MONEY MADE ME.

Basically, instead of telling my money, my job, my church, my businesses, that I WAS A PRIORITY, I made myself too available.

The money was making me, and boy let me tell you, it was WINNING.

DAILY, kicking my a$$.

I was tired and lacked motivation and the pandemic forced me to acknowledge what I spent so much time ignoring.


By the end of 2020, I placed a dead halt on all things, and I focused on me.

I focused on what made me happy.

I focused on saying no.

I focused on my growth, my healing, and my life.

It was in that space I learned how to NOT LET the money MAKE ME.

I took time off work, even if I had nowhere to go.

I set boundaries with my own work ethnic because the constant go, go, go almost made me lose all interest in everything I had worked so hard for.

In short, I made myself a priority first and EVERYTHING else had to FALL IN LINE.

You see, when I stopped allowing the money to make decisions for me, I lived from a place of more joy, more happiness, more peace, and more satisfaction.

I was able to preserve my legacy, all because I began to LIVE MORE.

It sounds simple, but it was very difficult in the beginning because in not allowing money to make my moves for me, I was totally dependent on the one who created me.

In not allowing the money to make me, I learned to trust God more and in trusting him came recompense within myself.

Not recompense in any type of monetary sense, but in a way that restored my vision, my passion, my quality of life.

I could see the importance of taking care of Key.

In living #MoreLife and choosing to make ME a priority, everything, and everyone around me benefits.

So, if you feel a bit down and out from work, from serving others, from constantly pouring out, I will challenge you to take a deep look in.

Are you making the money or is the money making you?

One burns you out and other establishes boundaries. ONLY YOU can decide which one will win.

Until Next Time, #KeyInspires


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