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Being Black in America

Here we are in the record breaking, life changing, and history making year of 2020. The year where ish just keeps hitting the fan. The year where enough is enough. The year where we are simply FED UP.

SICK AND TIEEEEEDDDD (translation tired).

Over it.

Ready for change. Ready for justice.

I saw a picture earlier on Google that stated, The color of my skin is not a crime”.

Which is the truth.

There is NO written law, ordinance, policy, procedure, or whatever other technical term one cares to use that states, “Hey, he or she is black and that is simply not allowed nor tolerated”.

But yet, here we are, being slaughtered in broad daylight on camera, sleeping in our homes, and simply minding our own (insert choice word here) business.

Unarmed. Not a threat.

You see, to the prejudice, racist, white supremist, or any other word that can be affiliated with a hate group, apparently BEING BLACK in America is just too much to handle.

Years of suppressing and murdering the African American people simply wasn’t enough.

You see, we are apparently offending quite a few people with our blackness.

No matter how educated we may be, no matter how we constantly work to overcome the things that suppressed our ancestors, we are still faced with the hypocrisy of modern-day lynching.

Murder after murder.

Abuse of power. Abuse of force. Abuse of privilege.

And we are tired.

Of course, many knew racism still existed but I’m not sure how “in the face” it was to others who never experienced it or simply decided to turn their backs to it.

But enough is enough.

It is time to come out of those bubbles and acknowledge that being Black in America is an unspoken crime.

One that is fueling hate, murdering innocent people, and causing an up rise in anger.

Being Black in America means you are constantly looking over your shoulder because for some strange reason, those who know nothing about you, FEAR YOU.

You see, here in America, we are absolutely positively judged by the color of our skin.

Being Black in America comes with a stigma.

A stigma that assumes we are dangerous, criminals, and deserve to be treated less than a human being.

A stigma that assumes it’s okay for us to be slaughtered for just existing.

A stigma that assumes we are always guilty.

Being Black in America means that because of the melanin in our skin, our chances of survival are significantly less than.

The probability that we are wrongfully accused is higher. The probability that our kids will grow up without a mother or a father is higher. The probability that we won’t make it home safely is higher.

But since when did a little melanin hurt anybody? What are we doing that others are so afraid of?

Why are others afraid for us to BECOME?

WHY does Being Black in America mean a constant target must exist on our back.

But hey, what can I say?

Welcome to America, where others LOVE the culture but HATE the people.

This is Being Black in America, where being free is still a journey.

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