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5 Tips to Begin Your Day the Right Way

Over the years, I’ve developed the habit of creating multiple alarms, which proved to be an extremely bad idea. For months, each and every morning, I began my day running and I do mean literally running. In the beginning, the concept of multiple alarms seemed perfect. I rationalized the idea with the thought, “I’ll wake up in stages,” in mind but again, this was a horrible idea, at least for me. What I did not realize is, by creating this habit, I only became lazier in the morning. The constant fight with my alarm clock soon became one I could never win. I would still wake up late due to “accidently” turning the alarm off when in reality, I only wanted to hit snooze.

In order to be more proactive throughout my day, and not be a grouch when going to work each morning, I had to be honest with myself in realizing I needed to create a new habit, a new routine, and develop a new “norm”. In doing so, I created 5 simple steps to begin my day the right way!

1. Go to Bed. Late nights and early mornings only sounds good in song. It may even work for you for a while but, eventually, your body will get tired. To prevent your everyday rush, go to bed! Remove all distractions so that you are able to receive a peaceful night’s rest. In this day and age, there is something going on, all the time, but rest is important!

2. Wake Up Earlier. Sounds crazy right? But waking up 15-30 extra minutes before your scheduled time won’t hurt. It will give you a head start to your day and allow you to follow your newly developed morning routine with no rush. Also, early rising will lead you right into the next tip with ease! Use this extra time wisely, refrain from checking your social media, email, or responding to last night’s text messages. And most importantly, avoid the snooze button!

3. Prayer and Meditation. I recommend beginning your day with self-reflection and an honest conversation with God. Cover yourself in prayer to protect you from the things of this world. For me personally, there is no better way to start my day! I understand ever person who reads this may not be a spiritual, so if that is the case for you, you may read and mediate as well. However, even in providing an alternative, I still suggest trying prayer and meditation first.

4. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. If your schedule permits, work out before going to work. You will begin your day feeling energized and fully alert. Exercising before work can and will completely shift your energy in the mornings. Once your body adjusts to the changes, you will be more focused because your body is aroused.

5. Eat Breakfast. I am sure you’ve heard the saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” No matter how cliché it may sound, it is true. The consumption of a healthy breakfast at the start of each day fuels your body and ensures you are mentally alert. With your newly developed routine, be sure to incorporate time to eat a healthy and balanced breakfast at your table, in your home, not on the go!

You have been equipped with a “How To” on developing a more efficient start to your morning so focus on what will make your mornings better. Good Luck!

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