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2021, Let It Be Beautiful

As I’ve procrastinated and debated on whether or not to write a blog to close out 2020, I’ve remained a bit torn on the direction I wanted to go in.

Initially, I considered the topic of sustainment. Because if I am honest, it is GOD and only GOD who has seen me and brought me through this year.

Then I considered the cliché saying of the new decade, ‘the year of perfect vision’, you know like 20/20 (perfect) vision.

But neither seemed completely fitting so I simply decided to just allow the Lord to lead me and I’ll land and write as He sees fit.

I could literally be doing anything right now but felt it most appropriate and extremely necessary to complete this blog before the clock strikes midnight.

B.L.U.F = Bottom Line Up Front

2020 has been HELL for a lot of us. So many unexpected occurrences, so many losses, and so many lessons.

It has absolutely been a year of ‘perfect vision’, just not in the way we would have all expected or anticipated.

When the declaration of ‘The Year of Perfect Vision” was made by many, no one considered that perfect vision may have involved seeing things we pretended to be blind to.

Whether it be our irresponsibility with finances, our irresponsibility with time management, our irresponsibility with self-care, or many other things, we all have things that 2020 has revealed we previously mismanaged.

2020 has shown its ugly head in the lack of care and compassion this country has for our lives.

Our = those of black and brown decent.

We have suffered. We have lost. Only this time, recovery looks so much different.

We can’t bounce back into the normalcy of being busy to AVOID dealing with our problems, our struggles, and our dark moments.

Because the world is at a different type of standstill, we have been forced to sit IN the things we needed to GO THROUGH AND learn how to process life differently.

We've been moved to a place of actually going through 'it' and not using various coping mechanisms to jump over the things WE NEEDED TO FEEL to deal.

2020 has taught me the importance of guarding my peace and my boundaries.

Doing so caused me to separate from family members and say 'NO' on my job and to potential clients.

2020 has taught me that without proper rest, I am no good to me or anyone else.

2020 has taught me that I have to be just as much and more of a priority as the people, places, and things, I allowed to have too much of my time.

2020 has taught me that I am just where I need to be even if it doesn’t feel that way.

2020 has taught be that I had become too dependent on the church to foster and cultivate my relationship with Christ.

2020 has taught me what rest IS.

2020 has taught me that self-care is MORE than necessary.

2020 has taught me that savings accounts, yes accounts, and financial freedom are necessary for my future.

2020 has taught me that I am called to be the difference maker for my family.

2020 has taught me that I am capable of perseverance but also that is it NOT always necessary.

2020 has taught me to focus on ME.

2020 has taught me that God is truly a sustainer.

This list of lessons, MY list, can truly go on and on and on (cues Eryah Badu) but I want to know what 2020 has taught you.

I challenge you to look through and past the ugly stuff and pull from a place of gratitude.

I know it’s been a very, very hard year for some but the fact that YOU MADE IT THIS FAR speaks volumes that you cannot imagine.

If you are feeling a little down and out, I challenge you SPECIFICALLY to make a list of the GOOD in spite of the BAD.

It will all make sense after while and even if you’re having difficulty seeing and believing, I am standing in the gap to let you know IT WILL GET BETTER!



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