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Miracle on 30th Street

Over the last 30 years, I honestly feel in ways I’ve unknowingly and unintentionally carried out a very, very huge disservice to God.

Before congratulating me on my plentiful accomplishments or even asking the question ‘WHY’, just hear me out because perfection does not live here.

On November 15, 2019, a Happy Birthday Facebook post from my mother reminded me that my life has turned out to be far better than what doctor’s anticipated and even attempted to “PREDICT”.

It was on that day, thirty years ago, this 3 pound little girl entered into the world.

If you’re somewhat of a math whiz, then you already know, thirty years takes us back to the lovely year of 1-9-8-9, where technology was still lagging.

I cannot imagine what my mother went through in the delivery room knowing her little girl would be birthed sooner than everyone anticipated.

I spend my FIRST thirty days of life, in the hospital.

Upon my arrival, doctors declared that I, this three pound little girl, would live a life full of sickness and unable to perform as well as other kids my age.

Now, if YOU KNOW ME, like REALLY, REALLY know me, then you are able to SEE the LIVING TESTIMONY of what I am today.

I use the words living testimony because I found myself rising and waking up each and every morning and living my everyday life as if I deserved to be here on this earth HAPPY and HEALTHY.

When in fact, my very HAPPY and HEALTHY presence is really and truly a blessing from THE Almighty God.

El Shaddai, God Almighty.

Here I am, thirty years later… unknowingly basking in YOUR Glory.

Literally, ALL that I have and have been able to accomplish is because of Y-O-U. I am taking the intentional time to OPENLY repent to you.

I have not lived my life fully according to the BLESSING that I very much know that I AM.

Thank you for keeping and covering this three pound little girl and stretching her to be the woman she is today.

Without your hand upon me, I would be nothing.

Thank you for the FAITH of my mother who spoke AGAINST the reports of the doctors.

Thank you for keeping your hand upon me.


As you can imagine, year 30 has opened my eyes to even more self-reflection and gratitude and for that, year 30 means something so very, very special to me.

Thirty years ago, I entered into the world at 6:11 am, weighing just three pounds, and 5 ounces.

My first thirty days of life were spent in the NICU.


As a walking, breathing, life-filled miracle, I want to share all God has blessed me with, with the next generation of the world through my nonprofit organization.

I am asking you, my subscribers, to partner with me in sharing the miracle working power of God Almighty.

He has blessed me tremendously and He allows me to be a blessing to others through my organization.

Partner with us as we pour into the next generation.

The magic number is THREE.

Whether you sow $3, $30, $300, or $3000, each dollar contributes to being a PRESENT DAY miracle in someone’s life.

Your donation will aid in equipping the next generation to be all that they can be.

The Potts Foundation accepts donations year-round. All donations may be sent via Cash App, $PottsFoundation or PayPal,

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