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Paper Planes

If you were born any time after the 90s, I’m sure you remember the song, ‘Paper Planes’. I actually hated the song when it first came out, but the title was super fitting as I prepared to write this blog.

Now this blog has nothing to do with the song, like ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

So, don’t get your hopes up on reading about a lyrical breakout of the song.

However, the title ‘Paper Planes’ is more so about my recent travels. There once was a time where I absolutely hated flying, seriously HATED IT!

The thought of flying seriously made my stomach turn into knots. I was fearful, anxious, and counted down the time to reach land again.

As a matter of fact, when I first began flying, I actually ONLY read and listened to the Bible the ENTIRE flight.

I’m not sure what or if it helped, but at the time, it gave me a peace of mind.

*cough, cough*

No judging, Thanks.

On top of listening to and reading the Bible the entire flight, I also refused to sit by the window or even look out of it as we traveled.

Doing so just made me extremely paranoid and reminded me that I was nowhere near the ground.

But let’s fast forward to the present moment.

As I sit on this plane, glaring out of the window, I’ve found a NEW PEACE and appreciation for flying.

I sit here looking down on the Earth, as we pass through a sea of clouds thinking, “Wow God is truly amazing”.

Now, the sun is currently blazing on my left side but nevertheless, I sit here truly in awe looking at the amazing creation of my Heavenly Father.

I sit here with a new found gratitude and appreciation for the intricate details of the clouds that sit just below me.

It’s crazy how blurred one’s perspective can be when viewing things through a lens of fear.

As we prepare to land, my perspective of the work of God has completely shifted.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve slowly become more and more acclimated to flying so it’s become easier.

But until today, I STILL lived in a world of DREADFULNESS, FEAR, and ANXIETY whenever the time for takeoff came.

Viewing flying through the lens of fear PARALYZED MY ABILITY TO APPRECIATE the beauty in God’s work.

The same way He places VERY intricate and specific details in clouds, is the same intricate and specific details He’s placed on the inside of you and me.

And for that, I AM GRATEFUL.

My question to you on today is this, what are you PARALYZING in your life because you’ve viewed it through the LENS OF FEAR?

God has not given us the spirit of fear, BUT of power, love, and a sound mind.

EMBRACE the power, love, and sound mindthat you have. Speak over yourself and encourage yourself to remove the bifocals of fear today!

It’s time to LAND in a NEW PERSPECTIVE.

With Love,

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