“The THREE Part Marriage”

May 17, 2019



I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping God at the forefront of your marriage! He is not the last resort or second option he is the ONLY thing that will keep your marriage filled with love. Other people might not tell you, but I will, talk to God about your spouse not the world. God can change more than any friend or family member can. Practice building the habit of praying together over more than just your food. My last little nugget is continue praising God for your spouse they are a blessing and the answer to your prayers never forget that. 



The Husband 


I put this in the order of the household. Husbands you are the FIRST line of defense in a marriage! There will be attacks that you have to deal with, but continue to communicate with your wife. If the enemy couldn’t get you he will try your wife so at least give her a heads up that it’s coming. As a husband remember you are a walking billboard for your marriage. When conversations arise and people are bashing their wives brag on your wife like you do your favorite sports team. 



 The Wife


The reality is that if your husband is the first line of defense nagging him will only leave him weak. As a wife you will wear many hats. Take joy in all the roles you play, because you are important. The joy and peace that you can provide is like none other. You have the ability to bring down the angel armies at a moment’s notice to protect your household. So use that gift of gab that you have to build your marriage up. This is also important, ladies keep putting effort into your image look good for your husband! I said husband not the whole world. That effort to your image also applies to your bedroom.   



Friends and Supporters 


When your friends get married that does not mean the end of your friendship. Your friendship is now evolving in to something deeper. Do you know that by praying and encouraging your married friends you are putting yourself in a better position to receive blessings from God? Take this time to ask do you have any prayer request. Ask to hang out with them both. So many times people have this notion that, because someone gets married they don’t want friends anymore. That is not true. Friends and supporters still play a vital part in our lives. So as a friend I’m asking that you hold them accountable for their vows, pray for them, and never stop celebrating the evidence of God’s love.   




Your Married Friend




About the Writer: Ebony Spencer 


 I’m Ebony. I wear many different crowns I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a wife, and a mother. In my 26 years a lot has happened. I’ll just give you all the basics right now, and hope you’ll come back for the rest. I am the creator of My Sister’s Reflection. It was a concept that came right after I graduated college. I wanted to create a new narrative for black women. I wanted to tell the real stories behind our pain, our smiles, and our beauty. I started doing interviews and kept doubting myself, so I never shared my blog. Then life hit me hard. On May 26th, 2018 my 2 month old son David Charles passed away. My commitment to life has changed drastically! I now fully understand that the tomorrow you planned for is not promised. I realized that someone out there needs to know that someone in your same position made it through, and so can you.




Website: www.mysistersreflection.com

Instagram: @abeautifulstorey

Email: mysistersreflection@gmail.com

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