“The Honeymoon”

May 10, 2019


Hey y’all,


Ohhh the places we all want to go on our Honeymoons!


We pick from a list of places searching to find the best deals and the perfect outfits to celebrate just getting married.


I know we are in a generation of social media, but I do challenge you to do two things.


First, when you’re on your honeymoon designate ONLY a sliver of your time to posting and just enjoy being married.


Live in the moment don’t press pause.


My second challenge is “KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY” never stop Honeymooning.


Go honeymooning each year whether it’s a staycation or a million miles away from home.


Commit to dedicating time in your year to unplug from it all, and take care of your blessing (spouse)!


Now this last little tid bit is for free.


Since some of y’all are reading and saying, Married Friend “We got kids, we can’t afford all of that” or “We just can’t afford that.”


A Honeymoon is not to be confused with a destination it’s a language.


Talk to your spouse and let them know how you thank God for every moment their love helps you escape the troubles of your day.


Your vocabulary can take you to a Honeymoon quicker than a plane can sometimes. 



Your Married Friend


P.S. If you need help finding the words to say take a look at the Song of Solomon.




About the Writer: Ebony Spencer


I’m Ebony. I wear many different crowns I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a wife, and a mother. In my 26 years a lot has happened. I’ll just give you all the basics right now, and hope you’ll come back for the rest. I am the creator of My Sister’s Reflection. It was a concept that came right after I graduated college. I wanted to create a new narrative for black women. I wanted to tell the real stories behind our pain, our smiles, and our beauty. I started doing interviews and kept doubting myself, so I never shared my blog. Then life hit me hard. On May 26th, 2018 my 2 month old son David Charles passed away. My commitment to life has changed drastically! I now fully understand that the tomorrow you planned for is not promised. I realized that someone out there needs to know that someone in your same position made it through, and so can you.




Website: www.mysistersreflection.com

Instagram: @abeautifulstorey

Email: mysistersreflection@gmail.com

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