How to Remain Positive When You Are in A Difficult Situation

May 3, 2019

My account stays in the NEGATIVE due to financial ignorance. 


I have credit card debt that is not acceptable for someone who makes as much as I do. 


I backed into a tree so now my back-tail light is destroyed. I left my license and debit card in Atlanta, and I live three hours away


The guy I was dating is back with his ex. 


I am over my job due to being consistently being overlooked for a promotion. 


I’ve been trying to move to a different city with more opportunities for over a year now and still can’t find a new job


I pulled a muscle in my stomach and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance because I live by myself and have NO family or friends near me. 


Sitting in a wheelchair, in the ER waiting room all I could think about was WHY ME


I tithe, I give back, I go to church, I am a genuine good person, I am truthful and honest why are all of these things happening to ME?


Sometimes we think that just because we are good people bad things AREN’T supposed to happen to us. 


Honestly, I was thought that way too. 


When I was dealing with one hardship in my life, I thought to myself oh this isn’t too bad, I’ll get over it, but once all of these things started to happen back to back the only thing I could do was dwell on it.




When you FOCUS on the negative that will be the only thing that you attract.


So, the question is, how do you overcome life’s difficulty when it seems as if you’re back is against the wall?


Let’s talk about it….


1. Speak Positivity Over Your Life


My life sucks right now! Nothing is going right! These words are VERY powerful! 


Whatever you put energy into and what you dwell on, WILL HAPPEN. 


Instead of saying my life sucks, try saying, “I am going through a rough patch right now, butthings are going to get better.” 


Instead of saying nothing is going right, try saying, “Lord thank you for letting me see another day, being in good health and a roof over my head. I can’t thank you enough.” 


Once you start dwelling on the positive then, that is when you will notice your life taking a TURN FOR THE BETTER


2. Keep Positive People Around You 


When you are down and out, complaining about life, it's very easy to have people around you complaining too, and all of you are constantly putting each other down, bringing nothing but negative energy. 




You need people around you that will bring you peace, and positive vibes


You need the type of people around you that will hear you complaining and COUNTERACT THAT WITH SOMETHING POSITIVE


When I’m sad or complaining, my close friends and family know that it's unlikely for me to complain or be sad, so they know to spring into action and SPEAK LIFE AND POSITIVITY over me to raise my spirits. 


Those are the type of people that you NEED around you. 


3. Pray. Meditate. Repeat. 


When it seems like nothing in your life is going right, this is the time that you LEAN ON GODNOT run away from Him. 


When I was in the hospital all I could focus on was the pain. I just wanted it to go away. 


My mother sent me a text message saying, pray to God and ask him to take the pain away, then it hit me. 


Why haven’t I cried out to God yet? Why haven’t I asked God to heal me? 


We get so consumed in being hurt or feeling like no one's there for us that we forget that God is ALWAYS there for us. 


He just wants us to call on Him, lean on Him, let Him be there for us.


Whenever you are in a difficult situation praytalk to God, meditate on the positive, and let THAT manifest.  


Don’t get me wrong, life will ALWAYS have its good days and bad days, however that DOES NOT mean that we should let that consume us. 


God has a bigger plan for our lives therefore, when we go through certain hardships, most of the time it’s not even for us. 


It may be for someone to hear our story and get inspired to give them hope that they can make it out too. 


Today, I challenge you to FOCUS on turning your “MESS” into a MESSage. 


I honestly believe that going through these hardships has not only brought me closer to God, but it forced me to slow down and LISTEN to what He is trying to tell me. 


So now, I am intentional about speaking positivity over my life, keeping positive people around me, and praying. 


Because I know the amazing results of a mindset change, I am challenging you to do the same thing. 


Always remember, GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO I.



About the Writer: Chele a.k.a Food $nob


Hello, my name is Chele a.k.a Food $nob Connoisseur, native of Huntsville, AL. Food $nob Connoisseur is a place where my passion for food in all aspects of the word can come to life. Meal planning, cooking, traveling, making drinks, visiting new restaurants, supporting minority and female owned restaurants and brands, and inspiring people have all brought me joy. Therefore, I would like to spread that love to others. I am an African American woman working in the food industry that genuinely loves food.  



Instagram: @ilychele 

Facebook: @FoodSnobConnoisseur

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Snapchat: @ilychele 




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