6 Tricks on How to Enjoy Good Meals Without Tipping The Scale

March 29, 2019


One thing that people know about me, is that I LOVE food!


I am always going out to eat checking out new restaurants posting my favorite menu items. The main question I get asked is, “How can you eat all of the food that you eat and not gain any weight? What is secret?


I literally get asked that question at LEAST once a week. The secret is there is no secret!


Here you can find five simple tricks that you can include in your daily routine that involves you eating what you want while keeping your waistline slim.




I am a huge believer in meal planning. Whether that involves cooking once a week or everyday.


Choosing meals with the right amount of protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable will speed up your body’s metabolism with is important for your waistline.


I usually meal plan for Sunday - Friday and enjoy my treat meals on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying a treat meal! Make sure you plan for it first. So it won’t leave you feeling guilty or  feeling like you’re ruining your diet.


2. Work It Out! 


Exercising is a GREAT way to stay in shape! Yes we know that to be true.


Exercise is also KEY to keeping your waistline slim. Abs are MADE in the kitchen, but food alone can not tone you up.


Exercising at least three days a week will help keep the pounds away. Whether that is boot camp, zumba, HIIT, weight training, or old fashion walking or biking.


Get your body moving, heart pumping, and sweat going.


3. Stay Hydrated.


Water is a game changer to eating the foods that you want!


Soda and juice carry empty calories and sugar that SEEM harmless but adds up after a period of time.  If you want to enjoy your treat meals, keep soda and juice consumption to a minimum.


Alcohol needs to be kept at a minimum as well.


A glass of wine before bed is harmless but once you start adding up the glasses of wine and liquor, that is when you get the empty calories that could go toward your treat meal.


When in doubt, just drink water.


4. The 80/20 Rule. 


For those of you that are unfamiliar with the 80/20 rule; basically 80% of the time you eat your conventional healthy food items.


20% of the time you treat yourself. That’s is where the meal planning comes into play!


During the week you can get your 80% and during the weekend choose a meal that you can treat yourself with!




5. No Carbs Before Bed.


I’m an intuitive eater, meaning I eat what I want, when I want. But since I want to keep my snatched waistline there is one rule of thumb I always follow, no carbs before bed.


Carbs have such a bad reputation but they really are useful. Carbohydrates give you energy, which is great to eat in the morning or afternoon.


However, for dinner, carbs are not a necessity if you’re going straight to bed. Decreasing your daily carb intake slims down your waist fast and keeps the weight off.


6. Keep Track of Meals.


Writing down everything you eat is a major key to success to planning for your treat meal.


Writing all of the foods you eat no matter how big or small holds you accountable to sticking to the 80/20 rule above.


There are a plethora of apps for iPhone and Android that no only help you keep track of all of your meals, but  also count down your personal nutritional facts to help keep you on track for your weight goal.


My personal favorite fitness app is My Fitness Pal and the best part about it, it’s FREE!


There you have it folks, you truly can eat all of the foods that you LOVE without worrying about tipping the scale.


Remember to plan your meals out, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, remember the 80/20 rule, and try not to eat carbs before bed.


You’ll be slimming your waistline while eating the foods you want in no time.



About the Writer: Chele a.k.a Food $nob


Hello, my name is Chele a.k.a Food $nob Connoisseur, native of Huntsville, AL. Food $nob Connoisseur is a place where my passion for food in all aspects of the word can come to life. Meal planning, cooking, traveling, making drinks, visiting new restaurants, supporting minority and female owned restaurants and brands, and inspiring people have all brought me joy. Therefore, I would like to spread that love to others. I am an African American woman working in the food industry that genuinely loves food.  


Instagram: @ilychele 

Facebook: @FoodSnobConnoisseur

Twitter: @ilychele 

Snapchat: @ilychele 

Website: www.foodsnobconnoisseur.com 

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