Interracial Parenting

April 19, 2019

Interracial parenting, what comes to mind when you hear those two words together? 


It could be parenting to interracial children, but what about being a step parent to a child whose outside of your race and you’re outside of theirs? 


Some of us know that being a parent can be a challenging at times, and even more so, being a step parent is a different kind of challenge but being a step parent to a child who does not share any of the same features as you differently puts the icing on the cake. 


I, myself, am a step parent of a beautiful 8-year-old little Caucasian daughter who I love dearly, and she has brought me so much happiness in the last five years. 


Unfortunately, you wouldn’t think that race is a subject you have to discuss with children especially at a young age, but in 2019 you don’t know what to expect anymore


I do consider myself to be an African American woman, although my mother’s side of the family is Caucasian also. 


So, to jump head first into this, a few years ago my step daughter came home from school and she asked her father, “Daddy what is a N****r”, our mouths dropped to the floor in shock. 


The first thing that comes to mind to any adult is where would a 6 year hear such a foul word from. 


Of course, we asked, and she said her teacher said it


We had to explain to her that that was a bad word and surely the questions came as to why her teacher would say something bad or mean. 


Like what do you tell a 6-year-old in that sense? 


There have been times when people would tell her I’m not her mother because we don’t look alike, or they would ask her why she says I’m her mom or why do we look different from each other. 

Being in an interracial marriage is a lot especially in today’s society with so many things happening to so many African American men and women, but honestly it seems like being a step parent in an interracial marriage is even harder


I worry all the time being out with my step daughter. 


Is someone going to say something mean to her, will I have to step out of character because of someone’s ignorance, or what happens if a kid picks on her because she has a black step mom. 


There are so many thoughts that run through my mind and yes, I understand we can educate our children to the best of our abilities but sometimes that not enough. 


Yes, education does also make things easier especially when it involves children however, I have found myself struggling with this because there are so many question and not enough answers. 


Love isn’t always strong enough to withhold the stones that society tends to throw at us but that doesn’t stop us from loving each other being happy and living every day like it is our last.


I’d love to chat about this topic more with you, please share your stories or experiences in the comments. 




About the Writer: Kara Sterritt 


My name is Kara I’ve been writing since I was in middle school. I love writing poetry which I’ve had two poems published before and now I’m transitioning into a blog writer. I started my blog because I struggled with being married, being a young new step mom and trying to peruse my dreams as becoming a physician so I started my blog to help other moms and wives who are trying to get into the medical field and who struggle with balancing everything. I wanted to be a listening ear and to give my story hoping to help others. 

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