Can God Trust You?

March 22, 2019

 Have you ever had an out of body experience?


Google defines it as a “sensation of being outside of one’s own body, typically of floating and being able to observe oneself from a distance.”


I usually hate definitions that include the word or phrase, but there is really no other way to describe it.


When I feel overwhelmed, I love to take a little staycation at my favorite hotel.


My favorite Aquarian thing to do is to stick everything but my face underwater, allowing the water to overtake my senses, relax and let my mind work itself out.


I can’t begin to explain how tranquil it is. If you get it then GREAT. If not, work with me here!


When I put my ears underwater, something weird happens.


I can hear the pool music playing clearer than above water, but I can’t hear anything else.


Chatter from other guests, kids splashing around; all of it is silenced. Since my eyes are open, I can see it all, but I can only hear the music.


I use this moment to think, clear my mind and pray.


On this particular day, I was anxious about my goals, pleading with God to help me and bring increase.


Do you know what He said?


You can’t manage what I’ve given you now...what are you going to do with more?


I could have drowned right then and there.


It felt like God open-hand smacked me upside my forehead like those old V8 commercials.


He was absolutely right.


In that moment, I was so focused on what I wanted that I had been mishandling what I was already blessed with.


I had been late to my full-time job more times that I wish to admit.


I had NO savings.


I wasn’t managing my time well and procrastination was my best frenemy.


My money management was on a whole other level of failure. I didn’t even trust myself at this point.


We CANNOT ask God for more and expect Him to bless us when we aren’t actually READY for the increase.


It’s TRUE that He will bless us beyond our wildest dreams, but if He can’t trust us to be good stewards over our current blessings, WHY should He increase our territory?


I wanted more money but couldn’t budget my check NOW.


I wanted to work for myself full-time, but procrastinated on days I was off from my full-time job.


I wanted to be in a relationship, but didn’t truly appreciate my singleness AND my relationship with God.


It was a HARD pill to swallow, but realizing I wasn’t ready for more blessings was actually a blessing.


Below I've given you 3 Ways to Prepare for Increase so that when it's time for more, God can TRUST you with no doubts or questions. 


STEP 1. Do Better NOW


Let’s just call a spade a spade.


If you want more money, do better with your income now.


Cut out luxuries to pay credit cards off and build a savings. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but you have to START somewhere.


STOP spending just to spend.


Retail therapy is NOT effective if it puts you in a worse position than before you spent the money.


Find another way to relax.


Make small daily changes to get your mind in the right place.


STEP 2. Get CLARITY on your vision


Visualizing your goals and placing small rewards in your vision will help you create the space to grow.


I’ve found this works very well with my weight loss journey and will soon implement it into my financial goals as well.


Whatever motivates you personally should be a reward.


You love to get pedicures? Make that a reward for saving a certain amount of money or losing a certain amount of weight.


Whatever it takes to reach your overall goal is KEY.


STEP 3. Trust Yourself


So many of us are afraid to succeed. Failure doesn’t even have a chance.


STOP doubting what you can do.


Setting new goals for yourself can be overwhelming.


Looking at your current situation and feeling stuck or hopeless can cause you to self-destruct.


Take inventory of what you have and how you can do better and trust yourself.




I NEVER want God to side eye me while blessing me.


I don’t want to mishandle my blessings.


I want to be confident that God blesses me because He TRUSTS me to do what I should with it.


Learning to trust yourself is the most important step.



About the Writer: Christian Cashelle




Christian Cashelle is an author and owner of Dynamic Image Publications. She is also an editor and inspirational blogger for Write to Recover. She has 6 published novels and one poetry collection. 


Instagram: @christiancashelle

Twitter: @_getemCC  

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