4 Reasons You Are Frustrated With Your Brand

March 15, 2019


I have a cousin, Najee, who is a very talented singer. We keep each other motivated on our goals and hold each other accountable.


Out of frustration, from lack of brand exposure, Najee decided to take a break from building his audience.


Although he is very talented, there is always a downside to business.


Many artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone else involved with brand recognition knows how it feels to be frustrated.


The question is WHY so let's discuss it. 

1. You Compare Yourself to Other People.

Like many people say, "Rome wasn't built in a day." Well I say, "Oprah wasn't built in a day and neither was Beyonce."


You NEVER know how long it takes someone to build their brand. All in all, great things take TIME!


People don’t realize that many Youtubers, bloggers, influencers, and even entertainers spend a large amount of time perfecting and curating to BUIILD their brand.


People also utilize free tools such as Canva and Photoshop or even hire a social media manager to generate a wonderful newsfeed.


No matter what route is taken, it is important to understand, SUCCESS does NOT happen overnight.


You have to find which strategies WORK for you!

2. You Try to Imitate What You See and Not Who You Are.

Be Authentic. When you are not authentic it shows, and you usually will NOT sustain or obtain longevity in what you are doing.


I tried travel blogging, I had an entire website (it didn't last long). I tried food blogging (which lasted about 3 Instagram posts).


It was only when I found MY true passion that I began to be happy in my true purpose and pursuit.


I NEVER got tired of it and I still love doing it to this day! My true passions consist of planning events, writing poetry, traveling, and creating social events to bring women together.


During undergrad at The University of Oregon, I was the Internal Co-Director of Women of Achievement, Outreach Coordinator at The Multicultural Center and a student-athlete!


I LOVED planning events while using the University’s budget.


After I graduated, I still wanted to create and plan events and that is how Events by CCM came to be.


I started planning events in college and I haven’t stopped since.

3. You are not posting on your social media platforms consistently.

How can you effectively grow your brand if you do not take time to promote, market, and advertise your product or services?


Building a brand is bigger than obtaining followers on social media.


So why not make practical and effective use of the FREE platforms to promote your

When using social media, it is essential that you use hashtags that are trending in your industry, use clear photos, and use locations to help you attract your target audience and potential clients.

You can hand out business cards, run social media advertisements, create newspaper advertisements, and more.


Just remember, all of this must be done on a consistent basis in order to grow your audience and create exposure.

4. You Do Not Know Your WHY.

Do you know your WHYWhy are you building your brand or business? What does it truly mean to you? Who are you doing this for?


If you do not know your why then there is no purpose in building or establishing a brand.


I challenge you to ask yourself this, "am I doing this because having a brand is a trend and this is what everyone else is doing on social media?"

OR, "is there a NEED for my product, service, or resource within the community? Can my brand solve a problem? Am I passionate about my brand or business?" 


The most important is this, "if I never made a dollar off from my brand is this STILL something I would WANT to do, have, create, or promote?"


If you answered YES to any of these then that is the beginning to discovering your WHY

After 3 years of persistence and trial and error, I have a brand called @EventsbyCCM that allows me to decorate, plan, and curate events.


It has not been an easy journey, but it is well worth it.


After planning many baby showers, birthday parties, and social events this is MY true passion.


If you could do one thing for the rest of your life and NOT be compensated for it what would you do?


Whatever comes to mind is your true passion.

If you still feel you, don’t know your why, compare yourself to other people, try to imitate what you see and not who you are and are not posting on your social media platforms consistently, then let me help you find your direction.


If You Need Help Building Your Brand click the link below for a FREE Guide with detailed steps to aid in successfully building your brand!




About the Writer: Chynna Miley


Chynna Miley, an Atlanta, Georgia native, is an University of Oregon graduate who obtained her Bachelor’s of Education in Family and Human Services and her Masters of Science in Student Affairs and Higher Education.

IG: @ChynnaCM / @EventsbyCCM  Website: www.chynnamiley.com | www.eventsbyccm.com

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