Entrepreneurship: Relocating To A New City

February 15, 2019


So there I was once again, feeling stuck in my same routine in St. Louis.


My business and clientele were flourishing, but I was growing bored of the city.


After college, I never saw myself going back to my hometown nor being an entrepreneur for that matter.


But, growth and changes to a person and their business often lead to the need for a new location and environment.


So, I decided it was time for new scenery.


After, yet another failed relationship, not enjoying the last years in my 20's and just being mentally and emotionally drained, I knew it was time for my departure.


Before I officially packed my bags, I thought long and hard on what I wanted to successfully accomplish in my career and personal life and once I knew they were attainable and reachable, it was time to start my new journey.



I packed the bare minimum because I wanted to leave the past behind me and start FRESH in my new city.


I believe heavily in this quote "If you don't leave your past in the past, it will destroy your future. Live for what today has to offer, not for what yesterday has taken away."


I thank my past for all of its lessons because it made me who I am today, it has been one rocky road, trust me I'm grateful for it all.


I'm ready to step out of my comfort zone and manifest a future that my heart desires.


I literally saw my list of goals PROSPER right in front of my eyes to land me in my new city Atlanta, GA.


The journey wasn't easy and I was prepared for the obstacles. I knew that this move was meant for me because I didn't have to force it, everything fell right into place.


As an entrepreneur, I have to create a new business plan in order for my business and clientele to grow in my new city.


Listed below are a few tips that will help you to decide whether moving your business is a good idea:




The cost of moving both home and office can skyrocket in the blink of an eye, especially if you hire a company to handle the move for you. Moving companies provide estimates for the cost of relocation, but the actual costs are sometimes higher than expected.


If you handle your own move you are responsible for the safety of all of your belongings and equipment. If a piece of expensive equipment gets broken in the move, is up to YOU to replace.


Also, if you're not working from home and work from an office space, you are likely to face higher lease payments if relocating to a large and predominate.


Before moving, please know that the financial burden of moving you and your business is sometimes high.




This is the period where your business has reduced activity or may result in inactivity.


You will face this when you are in the process of packing, in transition, and settling in your new location.


This downtime in your business will lead to a drop in sales or the inability to service your customers.


I've experienced this first hand when moving to Atlanta.


I am a Licensed Realtor and the Real Estate Commission office lost my documents for my license.


As a result, I was out of business for almost a month; things will happen that you will NOT be able to control.





There are great benefits that come from relocating.


Once settled, it can result in a significant rise in productivity.


If you know that your business will fit well in another environment, both financially and professionally, then relocating is just the thing you need.


When moving to a new city where your industry or sales are growing will mean you can expand your earnings.




Communicate your new move.


As you prepare to move, you need to develop a system to notify your target demographic and the community about your move.


Let your clients know ahead of time that access will be limited during your move.


Broadcast your new move on social media, so old and new clients will know about your relocation.


This is FREE advertisement and if your clients have family or friends in your new city, they can refer them to you.


A referral is the greatest compliment someone can give to you. Also, failing to let your clients and suppliers know about your move can lead to potential problems.


Overall, relocating is tricky, but sometimes it's NECESSARY. It can be challenging, BUT not impossible to achieve.


In business and in your personal life, not every move works out; but with the PROPER planning and research, your move might be the BEST thing for you. 




About the Writer: Adrienne Selfe



Adrienne Selfe is a proud St. Louis native who decided to take her talents to Atlanta.


She is a Licensed Realtor for the state of Georgia and currently working on a new business venture in Home Staging / Interior Design.


Adrienne also has a love for writing, which is why she started her own blog: 

newbeginningsasarealtor.blogspot.com; where she discusses her passions and knowledge about real estate, entrepreneurship, decor, lifestyle and much more.


To keep up with Adrienne and to follow her journey to success you can check her out on Instagram as @ambitious_selfe / @realtorselfe and if you're in Atlanta or surrounding areas and looking to purchase or sell your home visit her at homesbyselfe.cbintouch.com.





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