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Value Added Relationships

Whether it be a romantic or platonic relationship, a job position, or serving as a leader in any aspect, you should always strive to bring value to the situation. Something about the person, place, or thing should change because you are around or have been around. If you are unable to look back and recall a time where you added value, it’s time to change a few things about life because the person who lacks value in the situation is you. Although that may sound harsh, it’s a very realistic truth. There aren’t many employers who will retain a lazy and unproductive worker, and as a person you should not accept friends and significant others in your life who do not add value nor should you be comfortable in allowing yourself to be THAT friend.

Friends that lack value are often as dangerous as a leech. You’re constantly and consistently listening to the outpours of their heart, but you never get so much as a “how was your day”. Each relationship in your life should have accountability, consideration, and purpose. Those are driving forces for ensuring that you are connected to value added individuals. In this adult age, we are far beyond the days of having friends just to have them. As an adult, you should want to surround yourself with people who will push you and hold you accountable to achieving your goals. Those who will provide thought provoking conversation to ensure that your mind remains stimulated and exercised. Those who will not brush off your “I’m okay”, just to make your comfortable. And finally, those who just plainly want to see you grow and be successful.

It is in these type of relationships where we excel and refuse to become complacent. You are constantly reminded that no matter how bad it seems, someone is pulling and praying that you excel. You will be stretched and forced out of places of where you once found comfort but you will not be afraid because of the value added individuals that you have surrounding you. You will embrace the good, the bad, ugly, and indifferent because you know that someone is standing by making sure you will not fail.

As you learn how to be a value added friend, you will also learn to bring that same value when in a romantic relationship. The two go hand in hand because you will build trust and communication. Even if things don’t quite work out, you will find comfort in knowing that you left the person better, than when you first met or vice versa. Remember, just because someone adds value for a moment, it does not mean that they’re meant to be around to experience your life time. Receive the lesson, and then, move forward. Leave a mark that represents your character because you brought value to the situation.

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