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Identifying Your Passion

When searching for the definition of passion, two different versions came up first on the page of my Google search. Both forms of the definition were provided and defined as a noun but their meanings were polar opposite.

Definition one defined passion as a strong and barely controllable emotion. Whereas definition two defined the word as the suffering and death of Jesus.

In terms of genuinely finding your passion, both definitions are extremely important and here’s why.

As Christians, we know that our true passion can only be given and defined by our creator, God. His Son, who suffered and died on the cross for our sins gifted us with the ability to seek and identify the passion that lies within our heart through the Holy Spirit.

Communicating with The Trinity is the beginning step of identifying the passion that lies within.

Your passion will never become the barely controllable emotion as defined in definition one because Your Creator has given you both power and authority over your emotions.

In this power and authority, you are called to have control over your emotions and not them have control over you.

When your first seek your Heavenly Father, the strong feeling of passion will not be one that controls you nor your actions.

Your passion, will be a gift to all.

Your passion will be further identified by knowing who you are in Christ. Your identity is not placed in the hands of your family, peers, coworkers, or enemies but in Christ Jesus.

Never allow the opinions of people to alter the path God has placed you on. You will become unhappy and unsatisfied by allowing the opinions of others to control your life.

With these two beginning steps, you are able to place your mind in the right perspective to press forward in the stages of identifying your passion.

The proper perspective will allow you to adopt the principle of doing what you love with your life. Your Heavenly Father will not place a passion in your heart that will not be profitable in sustaining your future. Because you were not created to live in lack.

If you are struggling to make ends meet but you’ve communicated with God about your passion, go back to the one who placed the vision before you.

Somewhere along the path, you may have gotten misaligned.

It is important that you do what you love and love what you do. In that regard, you are able to complete work for the kingdom without it actually feeling like work. You will not be as tempted to give up or throw in the towel when your heart and your passion are aligned.

In the moments where you may feel as though your passion may be failing or misaligned, seek your Heavenly Father and pray, “Thy Will Be Done”.

Only He can realign the passion that lies within you with His Will for your life because as humans, we will get distracted.

If you’ve complete steps 1 -3 but you’re still having a difficult time. Simply look for evidence of what you already love to do.

Identifying your passion will be life changing however, the process of doing so does not, in any way, have to be stressful.

The steps are simple: Communicate (Pray) with the Trinity, know your identity in Christ, start with the right perspective, and lastly, look for evidence of what you already love to do.

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