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Fickle Emotions + Premature Decisions = Slow but Steady Disaster

How many times have you become so infatuated with the idea of something or someone, that you simply speak whatever comes to mind? You know, as the “newness” of a person, situation, or even a new job begins to take hold of you, it’s all you talk about, it’s all you think about, and in essence, it slowly becomes a byproduct of your heart. (See Luke 6:45)

If you’ve never experienced this, allow me to paint a quick picture. It’s like an endless case of word vomit! By the time you discover the need to shut up, you’ve already bitten off way more than you can chew. You have become so consumed with what could be that you are blind to what actually is. You never consulted God which leads to you spending more time talking than listening and observing. You begin to speak from a place of feeling and possibly excitement but not a place of decisiveness.

Before you know it, you become angry with where you are, and your anger turns into frustration. As your frustration grows you finally begin to realize what “seemed” is not what “is.” In turn, you begin to head down an unexplainable path of emotional overload. You’re confused and start wondering “How did I get there?” But the answer is simple, you’ve allowed your fickle emotions to run rapid, and you’ve to make decisions prematurely. Again, you never consulted God. You made the assumption that because it looked the part that it was for you.

So now what? How can you break the curse of what seems to be an unintentional cycle in your life?

Step 1. Make God the HEAD of your life.

You can no longer afford to make decisions just for the sake of making them. God has given you the option to invite Him into your life, so INVITE HIM. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” So why would you not consult the one who holds the plans of your life, FIRST? He is a gentleman who is patiently awaiting your invitation.

Step 2. Admit that you have an issue, and invite God into this as well.

Although you may not specifically know what that issue is, YET, you must first admit that there is one so that you can begin confronting your “IT.” You cannot confront and conquer something deny. Also, in inviting God in, you are surrendering to His Will and admitting that you are not smart enough to run your life without him. (See Psalm 37:4)

Step 3. Make the decision to confront this issue and write out a game plan of how to conquer it. (See Habakkuk 2:2)

Conquering and overcoming involve serious and intentional efforts from you! You cannot break a habit if you do not have a plan to succeed. In the words of my Pastor, Adrian Davis, know that “You are a barrier breaker!” Also, know that God’s hand is on you and He is will you through this process! (See Isaiah 43:2)

Step 4. Last but certainly not least, choose to slow down.

Think before you speak or react. A lot of times, our natural feelings overpower our spiritual reasoning. However, your emotions were not created to overtake your life. Therefore, YOU ARE IN CONTROL!! Before opening your mouth, take about 10 minutes to yourself, slow down and think before you speak.

Don’t continue to allow your emotions to make decisions for you. Thankfully, God’s grace can cover you when you do things outside of His timing but why not store that grace up for a time when you’ll need it most? Make the decision to get a grip on your emotions today. Trust me; life will be much simpler when you do.

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