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In order to provide the best services possible and create a resume with complete accuracy, we want to learn more about you as a person and an employee. During our phone consultation, we will review and discuss your current resume, reason for contacting Key Inspires as your Resume Writer, current career aspirations, and address any questions and concerns you may have. 


Our phone consultation will last up to 45 minutes as we complete an in-depth discussion for the items listed above. We desire to help put language to the skills you may find it difficult to explain and most importantly, we want to see you grow!

Cover Letter


A cover letter serves as an introductory statement to a potential employer about who you are as an employee. The letter highlights your skills and the contribution you can potentially make. It is provided as a means of additional support in conjunction with your resume and should highlight key attributes of you as an employee. In order to have a strong introductory statement, please be prepared to provide key contributions for your cover letter should you select this standalone service. 

Interview Prep


Not only does practice make perfect but practice builds confidence! Your resume lands the job interview, but how well you interview is what will land you the job. It is important that you interview from a place of confidence and certainty. So, Let's Practice!​​ This service includes three 45-minute practice sessions. 

Resume Revamp


If you are needing minor changes and updates for your current resume, this option is for you! The overall content in your resume will be reviewed and edited but no format changes will take place. In order to qualify for this service, you must provide a Word version of your resume that is easily editable. If the version of your resume provided is not editable, one of the other resume options that best suits your needs will be selected. ** This selection is NOT available for first time clients. **

Entry Level Career Resume


The Entry Level Resume is ideal for job seekers who hold 3 years or less in relevant work experience. As an entry level applicant, it is important to demonstrate your abilities and strengths in being motivated to accomplish new tasks, responsibilities, and challenges. This resume option is particularly for job seeking individuals who desire to have a professionally developed resume for post-graduate programs or those getting started in their professional career.  This option best suits college and recent graduate students.

Professional Career Resume


The Professional Resume is ideal for individuals who hold 3–10 years of professional experience and perhaps oversee small teams or may be accountable for a program or divisional strategic direction. Job seekers in this category need a resume that highlights the breadth and depth of their technical skills and professional experience as it pertains to the specific position he or she may be applying for. This option is best for mid-level careerist looking to advance and standout.     

Executive Career Resume


The Executive Career Resume is ideal for experienced career professionals who hold over 10 years of practical work experience in a specified industry. Executive resumes are typically more detailed and more substantial in order to properly highlight the breadth and depth of your technical skills and professional experience in addition to leadership and supervisory positions that were held. This option also focuses on the quantifiable accomplishments and achievements in positions of authority in the business or corporate world.     

Federal Resume


The Federal Resume is designed for job seeker who desire employment or those currently employed with the Federal Government. Federal job opportunities require a different strategic approach than a resume that targets private sector employment opportunities. The Federal Resume must be built in a manner that is compliant with the Applicant Tracking System used for these opportunities. Before selecting this option, we will ensure you are a good candidate for this resume selection.  

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